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Firmware Update

BIG LEAK - Canon 5D Mark IV Images

Canon 5D Mark IV Front image

Just few days before the official announcement Canon 5D Mark IV images  leaked today, the logo of Canon 5D Mark IV have been changed and the rear few more buttons are added, the top structure of Canon 5D Mark IV remains identical with Canon 5D Mark III. As we have told you earlier  the upcoming camera is rumored to have a 30.4 M P Fullframe CMOS sensor with Dual-Pixel AF Tech. Take a look at the full specification list here

More Canon 5D Mark IV Leaked Images


The top pf the camera remains same as of current Canon 5D Mark III DSLR,

Canon 5D Mark IV back image

on the rear side of the camera few more button of added to increase the functionality, however the overall layout pattern of buttons remains same.

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source digicame-info

12 comments to BIG LEAK – Canon 5D Mark IV Images

  • picflic

    what a disappointment… is that the final result after waiting for that long for an upgrade !?
    Brand new release and already lags behind the competition. Way to go Cano(t)n…
    If you consider the fact that we will have to wait another half decade before they decide to release the next ‘incremental’ upgrade it is not even worth looking at.

  • Marcus

    I don’t think so. The camera is a big improvement and not lags behind the competition. I like the camera and use it since a few month.

    The translation posted on CR is a little bit crazy. The right translation is: Editable Dual Pixel RAW files (a feature which was previously unavailable up to now).

  • I’m getting confused with these rumours! One comment speculates the sensor wi be 20.5 MP, then another 30 MP! Personally,I’d much rather see it with same of very similar to the mk3 ,but with a substantially higher fms rate or burst rate. I.e. around 10 fps. With the technology available and ever reducing costs of sensors etc, I think with something like a 24 MP sensor, it should be able comfortably able to achieve 10 fps, if it launches with a 30 MP one, it should definitely be able to achieve 10 with today’s sensors and digic chips. If it only acieves the rumoured 7 fps, that’s pretty poor and won’t please sports photographers and others like me who want a high fps rate. Also putting too many pixelson a full frame sensors can create unnecessary noise in low light too!

  • OlegGontar

    “As we have told you earlier the upcoming camera is rumored to have a 20.4 M P Fullframe CMOS sensor” Nope, it was reported to be 30MP

  • Jseibertz

    We will see if it´s disappointing. From pure resolution perspective it is. And it´s ot in the Range of competitors it´s less.
    I will wait for the first test results concerning dynamics, noise etc. to decide to a first stept to Sony´s 7R II or to buy the 5D Mark IV.
    If they are on the same level like 5D mark III in theses both KPI´s, I will definitely buy my first Sony incl. a wide angle llens.


  • Michał

    Lets see how much Canon will charge for this baby. Pentax with its amazing K-1 has set a very high bar for expectations – a killer 36mpix body for just under 1800 USD.

  • Grant Taylor

    I think they mis-printed the size of the new sensor . . . in every other “rumor” it is said to be a 30.4 mp . . .

  • Grant Taylor

    Also, it is rumored to be able to shoot 4k video (24/30 fps) . . . no compact flash slot – 2 SD slots.

  • picflic

    Marcus, what do you mean when you say you have been using it?? Are you one of the pre-testers?
    Anyway, I still think it is quite a poor upgrade. If you are in to photography and don’t care for video this spec list doesn’t realy make my socks drop. And let’s face it and not forget that this is supposed to be a photo camera and not a video camera. I would have much rather seen 10fps and no video support. People that need both would then have to go for the 1dx ii and have to pay the extra for having it. I feel as a photographer that I would be paying a handsome fee for a bunch of 4k nonsense without getting much in return on a photography point of view. With everything the competition has been doing over the past couple of years Canon needs this update to be epic and in my opinion it is not. Unless this new 30.4 mp sensor has a dynamic range that literally blows every other competitor out of the water (15 stop range and over) I don’t see much to get excited about. Canon again is holding the capabilities back to give people just enough to entice them to buy, while the hardware and tech is most likely capable of a lot more. This time they might have limited it too much though! With what i see here I am not in a rush to fork out another 3200 to 3500 grand to update.

  • Unfortunately images of the 5D4 don’t get me excited. Roll on the unveiling of the specs.

    Hope this has good DR and shadow recovery.

  • JeffK

    I agree with Picflic. Instead of adding 4k video features, Canon should concentrate on still camera advantages. I would rather have 10fps still and no video. If I want to shoot video, I’ll buy a video camera. I also don’t really need 30.4mp, I’d rather have lower noise. I was hoping for more from the Mk IV so I’m not sure it’s worth the upgrade. The dual pixel RAW is interesting, but not sure it’s worth double the file size just for fixing focus issues. Maybe best to keep the 5D MkIII and 7D MkII, maybe buy another 5D MkIII when the price drops…We’ll see when the official specs are released in a week or so.

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