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Which DSLR you should buy in 2018 ? As a beginner Photographer ?

Which DSLR you should buy

Before we begin let me tell you that this is my personal opinion

DSLR technology is more than 50 year old,  In general DSLR camera uses phase AF sensor to acquire AF. Entry Level DSLRs have 9 to 11 points AF system. Mid range DSLR like Nikon D5600 features 39 point AF Canon 800D / T7i 45 Point AF system, and if you move above…Nikon D500 features 153 point AF system canon 7D Mark II – 65 point AF system.

AF sensor and Viewfinders

But, all these fancy AF points will work when you will use the View finder and once you switch to Live view display / Live view display means shooting while looking LCD display screen as most of us do. Then these fancy AF sensor with 100 of AF points gets switched off.

And sensor based AF system gets activated and everything changes. Now answer me honestly, does any comparison website tells you that ?

What happens next ?

You can check yourself that the entire Nikon line-up is using contrast based sensors. If you pick Nikon D3400 or Nikon D5, And you can google or something… that Contrast based AF sensors are slow compared to Hybrid AF sensors.

Now, Does Canon using Hybrid AF sensors ?

Yes , Canon DSLRS using Hybrid AF sensors. Actually , Canon is using Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology which is even better than the Hybrid AF sensors.

Why I personally feel that DPAF sensors are better than the Hybrid ones

The two biggest reasons behind that

  1. Every two pixel inside the sensor involved in Auto focusing…

You can imagine that’s a very big number if you want to calculate the number of AF points inside a Canon camera

  1. No Dead AF pixel inside the sensor, Why I am talking about DEAD ?

See, Phase AF pixels are dedicated for AF purpose only… So if a camera maker says that this camera have 400+ on Sensor AF points then you can safely assume that there are 400+ Dead AF pixels inside that sensor

No, these Dead AF pixels doesn’t affect the image quality since you are using a digital camera and the images are created finally created by algorithms either RAW or JPEG.

Now, if you talk about the Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor , you will not find number of AF points inside.. Why ? Since, every two sub pixel is involved in Auto  focusing.

Now, but now you understand the basic difference between Contrast based AF sensor.. Hybrid AF sensor and DPAF Sensors.

Which DSLR you should buy in 2018 ? As a beginner Photographer ?

My answer you should get a Canon DSLR with DPAF sensor, Canon 200D / SL2 is best for beginners, Canon 77D , Canon 80D.. 7D Mk II and FF DSLR like 6D Mk II, 5D Mk IV and 1DX II carries DPAF Sensors.

3 comments to Which DSLR you should buy in 2018 ? As a beginner Photographer ?

  • Canon has better AF, but Nikon has better dynamic range so they’re a little more forgiving in post-processing.

    For a beginner, I’d say they’re both just as good. Go with whichever one you think looks better. I’d also say don’t worry about it only being a beginner camera, and don’t get caught up in trying to buy all the gear. My brother’s wedding was shot with a Canon T5i with a nifty 50 and a T3i with a 24mm f2.8 and the photos turned out great.

    Also, Nikon has SnapBridge. One of the guys I work with bought the D3400 (his first DSLR) for Christmas and he was talking about how awesome and convenient it was to just have all the photos automatically show up on his phone. I know some people are going to be like “Well, editing on a computer is better than a phone anyways, so it’s stupid”, but honestly, Lightroom mobile or Snapseed will do just fine for most people.

    If I had to choose my own beginner DSLR today, for my type of shooting I’d buy a Pentax K-S2 because it’s weather resistant, and both kit lenses are weather resistant as well, along with most of their other lenses. To get that on any Canon or Nikon camera, you’d have to spend a lot more money. Any K-mount lenses will work, which means you can buy vintage Pentax lenses and build your kit very affordably as long as you don’t mind using manual focus.

    Personally, I use Olympus (I know, it’s not a DSLR, which is why I didn’t mention it in the rest of my comment) just because I like the size (I can fit my entire kit in a Thinktank Retrospective 5). I also like my tiny, affordable, super-sharp primes. I like having focus peaking for manual focus. I wish they’d introduce something like SnapBridge because I like to edit on my phone because my computer screen at home kinda sucks.

  • Sreejib

    Dear admin hope you remember your topic (Which DSLR you should buy in 2018 ? As a beginner Photographer ?) but, i think your review is completely based on videography rather than the still photography. Can you please tell me how many dslr user are used their live view during there still photography so, please make it clear which dslrs are best for beginner in terms of image quality ergonomics & value for money.

  • If you’re thinking of buying a dSLR as a first quality camera, realise that while good, they are 1930s technology – the technology that supplanted TWIN lens reflex cameras – TLRs.

    Most makers have realised this. End even Canon, Nikon! They are producing ever better mirrorless models than their current ones.
    Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji and Sony already produce such cameras.

    Mirrorless is where almost all Interchangeable Lens cameras will be in ten years time.

    Olympus and Panasonic already have extensive systems. They jointly developed the first mirrorless cameras about nine years ago and Olympus became serious about their systems over 5 years ago. Panasonic cameras are also compatible with Olympus and most lenses (except pro-grade) are compact – some are tiny!

    Fuji and Sony are developing mirrorless systems as well.

    Consider a step into a more modern and compact future instead of 1930s (German Exacta) tecnology instead of the old-school dSLR.

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