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What's Next - Sony A7S III or Sony A6700 ?

SOny next camera

As we have told you earlier that Sony A7III announcement is overdue and just before the announcement of Sony A7III we have also posted the update with an A7II image that Something big is coming.

You can’t see me

Sony is more strict now and in-general prior to the announcement of any camera from any brand we get its core specs and images for sure. But, something weird happened with the Sony A7 III announcement and we haven’t received anything related to the A7 III camera [No leaked image or specs]. Even the most trusted Japanese sources dried up.. Sony look more strict in 2018.

Camera model codes page update – WW 541200 is ILCE-7M3

Now what Next?

At the moment we don’t have any information about upcoming product and even the wirless certification agency isn’t showing any camera from Sony [yep no new model code after the A7 III]. As per the information we have right now no new Sony Mirrorless camera is coming in next 3 months.

Big Question – Sony A7S III at CP+ or not ?

Logic and information available to us says AN BIG NO.  But anything can happen as we have said already Sony A7 III announcement was an bit surprise since we do know that something is coming but we haven’t received any prior information from Japanese sources and that’s really strange.

Sony Camera we are expecting this year [ Priority list ]

  1. Sony A7S III
  2. Sony A6700
  3. Sony RX100 VI
  4. Sony A9R

So, We want to hear from you which Sony camera you want to see next ? Let’s us know in the comment box below

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16 comments to What’s Next – Sony A7S III or Sony A6700 ?

  • Simone Oh

    I’m really expecting sony rx1r3…

    Is it coming soon? or Finished with rx1r2..


    1. Sony A6700 if smaller and lighter than A6500 ( As Lumix did for GX9 after GX8 )
    2. Sony RX100VI with a 24-100 or 24-125 eqvt zoom lens

  • Xclusive7

    What about A5500 … sucessor of A5100. I think that you should send mail to Sony and ask if they plan any new APSC camera in this year etc.

  • Alex.

    I’m wondering what A9R will bring. The A7R III resolution with the speed of A9?

  • joe

    Im waiting for any sony DSLR that can shoot 60fps 4k…. im disappointed that the a7iii didn’t now hoping for 6700 if it’s coming to have it. i was going to move to full frame but still no sony full frame 60fps 4k…..


  • Pierre

    Sony RX100 VI
    I am waiting for a good slow motion upgrade!

  • Eric

    Would be nice to see an RX2 with a 28MP Full-Frame sensor and a 3x f/1.8 parfocal lens, offering UHDp60 down-sampled from 6.5K (full sensor width).

  • Jeff

    I’d really be most interested in an A9r

  • Hermes

    Waiting for a6700, with a better battery life even if bigger the grip itself, a joystick nip for AF-point selection and official battery grip

    wheater sealing is a big dream but for a6xxx i think remain a dream

  • João Martins

    I’m expecting the a6700 with some real improvements, but not bigger nor heavier than a6500, and one or two e-mount (nex) fast lenses

  • HawyCZek

    A77 III?

  • Luís

    The only four relevant updates for the a6700 are, by order of importance:
    – drastic improvement to the rolling shutter (or introduce global shutter already; it’s about time brands stop playing gate keepers and make this available to consumers). Hard to believe that a brand of Sony’s magnitude could get away with selling such a crippled camera due to the rolling shutter issue;
    – PROPER, sharp full hd across all available frame rates. Seriously… it’s 2018, a great deal of consumer and prosumer cameras already shoot 4k (and are capable of 6k) and Sony refuses to offer sharp full hd? And people pay good money for a product like this?
    – better battery life;
    – bigger/more ergonomic grip.

    IF these are taken care of, then we can talk about all the other irrelevant stuff

  • MrKokak

    We’re flooded with good enough Sony cameras already. How about a good native fast lens like a 18-35mm at constant f1.8 or faster, or 18-105 f2.8 or faster?

  • I hope the A6700 is next up so hopefully the camera does not shut down due to over heating or whatever is periodically shutting my 6000 down. Also Sucks carrying 3 batteries around.

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