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Nikon FF DSLR N1610 before April 2017



Till we till now is Nikon D610, Nikon D750 and Nikon D810 Update is over due. A bunch of rumored specification floating over web, non of them seems to be true or coming from a trusted source.

Based on information we have received Nikon is ready to announce a (one) Fullframe DSLR and a new compact camera before April 2017. The code name of Nikon DSLR  is N1610 and compact is N1546.

If we look at past foot prints of Nikon, Nikon first announced entry level FF DSLRs at first and then high-end. And if they follow the same pattern the Nikon D620 is coming for sure.

After reading this news many websites will republish the same news by citing their own fake sources, I request them to follow blogging ethics and for visitors I request you to spread this news if forums or other social platforms you visit, it will give more power to us.

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Nikon D620 to come in first half of 2017

Nikon D620

Lot of scarcity related to Nikon D620 information out there. If you look at the past we got Tip on May 2016 that camera may arrive till Sep 2016, others also published the after a gap same without giving credit to our website.

Now we got hints from a new source via newcameraforum. According to him the sensor production issue delayed the announcement schedule of the camera and the camera expected to come in first half of 2017. Still Sony 42MP which is being already used inside the Sony A7R II and Sony A99 II camera  isn’t available to Nikon for mass production. The source also hints that D620 may feature 4K video.

-end of rumor-

We expect Nikon D620 will carry a 24 MP FX format sensor this time with a price tag less than $2500. We will update ou soon as we get any new information.

Take this with a grain of salt

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Nikon D620 Coming in Q4 of 2016

Nikon D620 Coming SoonThe latest Rumor I am receiving points to a entry level Fullframe camera from Nikon that will arrive on Photokina 2016 or before. We are talking about possible Nikon 610 successor and here is the expected Specifications:

  • 24MP Fullframe Sensor
  • Expeed 4
  • Improved Display / Will remain fixed
  • light weight
  • Price Under $1900 (Nikon D610 will cost you $1496 at B&H Amazon)
  • Potential announcement at the end of August or Early September 2016.
  • Name of the camera model is not final yet, we named it Nikon D620

The probability rating I have given to this rumor is approx 80%, I am sure that the camera is coming but I am not sure about the detailed specification of the camera.

If you have any information do share us via comment or email us contact[at]

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Nikon D3400, Nikon D620, Nikon D760 and more...


List of expected camera that may arrive in 2016 surfaced over the web, the list includes the name of cameras that should be update this year based on the previous update cycle on Nikon.

Nikon is also gearing up to announce three new products this year, we have published the code names here but we don’t know which ones are coming.

Nikon DSLR cameras to be announced soon

  • Nikon D3300 replacement -Nikon D3400
  • Nikon D610 replacement – Nikon D620
  • Nikon D750 replacement – Nikon 760
  • Nikon D810 replacement – Nikon D820

Canon already announced T6 DSLR so we do expect Nikon will update Nikon D3300 anytime soon.

source –

Nikon D620 Rumored Specification, Coming Soon

Nikon-D620-coming-soon-imagThe name is still not confirmed yet but Nikon is finally fully prepared to announce another entry level full-frame camera (possibly successor of Nikon D610), the rumored specification is below take a look

  • 24MP full frame sensor
  • Tilting LCD screen
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor
  • Very light body (probably similar to the D610 and Df, maybe even lighter)
  • Priced around $2,500

The camera name may be Nikon D620  (still not confirmed yet) and expected announcement date is end of August or Early September.

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