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Firmware Update

Fujifilm X200 Coming in September 2014


More confirmations by different sources, the upcoming Fujifilm X200 camera (name not confirmed yet) will arrive with a newly developed 24 megapixel APS-C Xtrans sensor with advance Hybrid AF system and improved viewfinder, we have also published the rumored specification of X100 successor few  days ago see here.

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via – fujirumor

Fujifilm Manager Does Not Outright Deny Full-Frame X-Series Camera


In a recent interview published at dpreview website Fujifilm manager Toshihisa Iida said

Q.Will X-Trans sensors get bigger, in the future?……. Answer: At the moment we’re focusing on the APS-C format but in the longer term, after we’ve completed our lens lineup… I can’t deny the possibility. ”

It would make perfect sense for Fujifilm to release a FF X-Series camera since Sony already announced it at the end of 2013 and it is beyond any doubt that it is possible to do since Fujifilm is a expert in doing innovating things beyond consumer or competitors expectations.

I have a strong hope that we will soon see Fullframe compact and mirrorless camera from Fujifilm possibly at the end of 2014 or at the beginning of 2015.


Fuji X200 Rumored Specification


Latest info about Fujifilm x200 surfaced over the web, according to the rumor the fuji x200 will feature a newly developed sensor, no-optical low pass filter due to X-trans technology and advance contrast+Phase based AF sysytem, however the source is new so take it as grain of salt,

Fuji X200 rumored specification

  • 24MP X-Trans sensor
  • faster AF than X100S
  • tilt screen
  • new fixed lens
  • new EVF, better than X100S, but not as much as X-T1
  • wider detection area

There are also some confusion about the X200 sensor size, since some new sources saying that the upcoming camera from fujifilm may feature a fullframe sensor, however based on my experience fujifilm will not do such a experiement with ultra popular X100 series.

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List of Fujifilm Camera Coming in CES 2013

Fujifilm X20

List of Fujifilm camera coming in CES 2013 is now available, take a look at the list below

  • FinePix S8200
  • FinePix XP60
  • FinePix T500
  • FinePix JZ700

According to the latest rumors the X100s will arrive with, new sensor, advance AF system and better core specification, Fuji X20 will arrive with a newly developed 14 Megapixel 2/3 ” EXR sensor without low-pass filter, a new Fujifilm 24-120mm High grade optical zoom lens with bright aperture range of F1.8-2.8.

via – digicame-info

Fuji X200 Coming on January 2013

Fujifilm X200Its almost confirmed that Fuji X200 (with different name) is coming on January 2013, Fujifilm is sending invitation to worldwide journalist for CES 2013 event, according to the latest rumors the Fujifilm X100 successor will have different name (not X200), the lens will remain same but we will see major update in core specification and AF performance, Fujifilm will use latest X-Trans APS-C sensor of X-E1 in upcoming camera.


Fuji X200 Coming in Q1 of 2013

Fuji X200 with new X-Trans sensor may be announced in CES show in January or the CP+ show in February 2013, the page 16 of current edition of f11 magazine have review of the Fuji X-E1 which included some clear hints about upcoming Fuji X200 camera, the article is written by Tony Bridge (sponsored by Fujifilm).


Fujifilm Mirrorless interchangeable lens Camera on Spring 2012

Fujifilm X51

Fujifilm X series Roadmap

Fujifilm Mirrorless interchangeable lens to be released after March in 2012, or Japan’s spring season. According to Fujifilm the upcoming Mirrorless interchangeable lens Camera image quality and low light performance will be similar to a Fullframe Camera.

Above we can see Fujifilm X S1 interchangeable lens New Zoom Camera of X Series. More details coming soon.
News src – ITmedia(Japan) and channelnews(Aus)