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Sony Upcoming Cameras 2019

let’s talk about the list of upcoming Sony camera in the year of 2019. The most awaited camera is of-course the Sony A7 S III. We have heard a lot about its features in rumor mills, Sony also confirmed via interviews that Camera will have more than what people are expecting. Sony A7S III camera is rumored to arrive at the first or second quarter of 2019. But not only Sony A7 S III, me to have a list of cameras those who are expected to arrive this year.

1. Sony A7S III

Sony A7S III camera is expected to arrive in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2019. We have a lot of leaked information related to upcoming Sony A7S III camera (check all here). The Upcoming Sony A7S III camera is expected to arrive with 8k or 6k video recording capability. Not only that, we have also got some hints that Sony may use 36 megapixel full frame sensor inside the Sony upcoming A7S III camera (however, Sony uses low res sensor in A7S series camera, so we are waiting for further confirmation). And one more information surprised us that upcoming camera may feature Dual base ISO, for the first time in any Sony Mirrorless camera. It’s bit obvious to have improved built-in IS and new Hybrid AI based AF system. Sony A7S III camera is coming with a big jump in core specification that we have seen inside the Sony A7S II camera.

2. Sony A7R IV

Sony A7 IV camera is also expected to arrive in the year of 2019. Now, if we look in past Sony have a good history of announcing the Sony A7R series camera after a year of gap. If Sony follows the same schedule then we will sure have our new Sony A7R IV camera possibly in the month of June or maybe October of 2019. Take a look at the scheduled announcement timelines of Sony A7R Series camera

 Announcement Timeline  Camera Names
Oct, 2013 Sony A7R
June, 2015 Sony A7R II
Oct, 2017 Sony A7R III
2019 Sony A7R IV

Recently, We have received information that Sony successfully developed a new 60 megapixel full frame sensor. The sensor is also capable to record 8K videos. However at the moment we don’t have any concrete details about the Sony A7R IV camera. There are lot of fussy information floating on the web, but none of them look reliable to us. We will update you soon once any solid information about the upcoming camera.

3. Sony A6700

Sony A6700 announcement is also expected in the year of 2019. We have received strong hints in past that Sony will announce their APS-C flagship camera in Q1 / Q2 of 2019. We have also received initial set of leaked specification that suggest the camera will carry 26 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, 12fps of continuous shooting mode and 4K @ 60p with 10 bit output. The sensor based image stabilization system is more improved compared to previous generation of IBIS.

4. Sony A9 II

Sony A9 II announcement is also expected at the end of 2019. Sony A9 II is said to be 1dx Mark III and Nikon D6 killer. The camera will feature 8k video recording capability, and there is big possibility that we may see the 36 megapixel full frame sensor, Improved AI based auto-focusing system. And lot more improvement compared to the existing Sony A9 camera. Sony will sure announce A9 successor at the end of 2019 to flush up the Canon 1DX Mark III and Nikon D6 announcement.

also see – Sony A9 II, A7S III and A7R IV to Feature 8K Video Recording Capability

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6 comments to Sony Upcoming Cameras 2019

  • subrato1988

    Sony A7S III camera is all what I want, one of the most important thing that I like about the camera is its low light performance and I actually do not want that’s Sony should add a 36 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor inside the upcoming camera, the 36 megapixel sensor will sure hamper its low light performance.

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    The Sony a9 + 400mm f2,8 GM combination, whether you like it or not today, is light years ahead of the competition. Of course you will tell me, the a9 is not an SLR. I do not care. From my point of view it is the perfect combination I would say supreme for its portability, image quality, for its 20f / s in servo and above all for its TOTAL absence of annoying noise. Imagine the potential of an updated and improved Sony a9. I said.

    La combinación Sony a9+400mm f2,8 GM, se quiera o no se quiera a día de hoy, está a años luz de la competencia. Claro me dirán ustedes, la a9 no es una réflex. Me da lo mismo. Desde mi punto de vista es la combinación perfecta diría suprema por su portabilidad, calidad de imagen, por sus 20f/s en servo y sobre todo por su ausencia TOTAL del molesto ruido. Imagínense el potencial de una Sony a9 actualizada y mejorada. Lo dicho.

  • I think Sony AX53 camcorder is due to be upgraded, it came out nearly back 3 years ago, no new replacement 4K camcorder in that price/size market since. I wish they replace it with a 4K60, HEVC (optionally, with H264 too), dual SD card and with much stronger built-in IBIS stabilizer and I guess a 1″ sensor would be nice. Thus also an upgrade for the AX700 which is more than a year old and was a bit dissapointing because not 4K60 and with a resistive touchscreen display.

  • George S

    IMHO, Sony A6700, or whatever sucessor to A6500 will be called, should introduce flash synchro of 1/250 sec and maybe a bit bigger EVF.

  • Hunter

    I have an a5100 and LOVE it because of it’s small size. I don’t need a viewfinder, it has a selfie screen, it is lightweight and it can take any e-mount lens. It just needs an update to 4K, a mic jack, silent shutter and fix the overheating problem when shooting video. The new, lets say a5400, would be the “BEST” entry level camera on the market. Just saying.

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