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Sony A9 vs Canon 1DX Mk II vs Nikon D5 High ISO Test

Take a look at the high ISO test between the three flaghip camera. Sony A9 is one of the best Mirrorless camera Sony ever made, Canon and Nikon flagship camera are more than a year old and cost you approx $1K more than the Sony A9. Take a look at test results below and do share your views with us..

Base ISO


Nikon D5 is showing more bit more saturation compared to the other two camera, the fine linings in the hat of the person is clearly visible in the sample of Sony A9.

ISO 1600

High ISO Test Image

At ISO 1600 the details of Canon 1DX Mark II and Nikon D5 are bit flat compared to the sample of Sony A9.

ISO 12800


At ISO 12800 the difference is clearly visible and the Sony A9 showing excellent image quality compared to other two.

Max ISO for Professional Use


All these camera do have million pixel range but we don’t believe that the sample for all the three is usable beyond ISO 51200 for professional use.  Nikon D5 doesn’t offer you RAW files beyond ISO 25600.

DO share your thoughts on our comment box below

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6 comments to Sony A9 vs Canon 1DX Mk II vs Nikon D5 High ISO Test

  • Mr Majestyk

    These results might mean something if you shoot jpg, but I don’t know a single person who owns a 1DX or 1DXII that doesn’t shoot RAW. Let’s see the results from RAW, Canon’s jpg have always sucked. You can get RAW’s from dpreview.

    I’m beginning to think this site should be called

  • Mark

    Well Mr Majestyk… Besides Fujifilm, Sony is the only camera manufacturer keep making exciting camera.

  • admin

    Mr Majestyk

    Why you’re having pain while looking at JPEG images comparison ?

  • check

    The nikon wipes the floor with them at 512,000. The sony looks like it’s been made up with 16bit graphics, so blocky, but still some details. That canon is laughable.

  • Franco Ricci

    Jpeg could be useful for sport photographers using these cameras, they haven’t time to process raw files.
    Nikon and Canon cost more but not twice more than the Sony A9: Sony 4499$; Nikon 6496 $; Canon 5999 $, as at B&H web shop.

  • Giovanni Ufello

    1° I test devono essere fatti in RAW!
    2° Le foto pubblicate si devono aprire al 100% da un file adeguato.
    3° se non è possibile, bisogna pubblicare il dettaglio del 100% in modo che si possa aprire o vedere almeno in 10X15!
    In ogni modo, una mirrorless non è confrontabile con una reflex perché il suo impiego completamente differente!
    5° Provate anche un test di affidabilità sulla durata e la fatica. Nonostante lo specchio in movimento sono pronto a scommettere quale dura di più!
    6° Quando si parla di fotocamere professionali, sarebbe bello che si parlasse anche di assistenza !

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