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Sony A9 and A9R Coming on 2014

Sony-A7-and-A7RThe recent rumor published at Japanese magazine suggest that Sony may announce A9 and A9R camera this year, we also published the Impress Japan / nippon magazine predictions last year and approx 50% of the rumor were true (see 2013 predictions here and here) now take a look at the rumored specification below

Sony A9 / A9R Rumored specification
54 MP Full Frame Exmor CMOS Sensor
Dual BIONZ X Image Processor
Dual memory card slots

The rumor look bit true to me because Nikon D800 / 800E already pushed FF megapixel limit to 36MP last year (with Sony made sensors), According to rumors Canon is also testing  a Megapixel Monster FF sensor camera (see here), so we may sure see a 54MP model from Sony in 2014.

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6 comments to Sony A9 and A9R Coming on 2014

  • Will A

    No point of jumping that high on MP if they are not making a good machine. Look at A7 and A7r, I will say both are handicapped cameras, A7r high on MP, No AA filter but Pixel size (Pixel pitch) is only 23.8 µm² which is even lower than Fujifilm X100 and Autofocus is pretty bad.

    A7 is (somewhat) good on Autofocus but they added AA filter which makes images not sharp as A7r. And hope they make built in Image Stabilizer also.

    I really hope Fujifilm introduced FF camera in a body of and operation of X-T1

  • Not quite a local

    Hey, that’s my photo! You guys pinched my photo, with no reference to where you got it from, and then pretended it was your scoop. That’s a bit rank! You didn’t even bother trying to translate any more than I had translated on dpreview. Well, just to reiterate, this is all pure speculation based on a conversation the magazine had with a Sony rep, so something like this might be in the cards.

  • admin

    Hey, we publish website link from which we get data and text,
    if you have your own website or any real name, please reply to us and we will publish it soon.

  • Not quite a local

    OK, well if you publish all the links to where you get the data, then I guess you need this one too.

  • admin

    Your link is published, see in the source.

  • Not quite a local

    yep, you are totally right. I saw it next to the src at the bottom, sorry about that. I didn’t see that at first. Clearly a fine, reliable, reputable, upstanding rumors site.

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