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Reasons: Why Nikon D6 Doesn't Have Sensor Shift Image Stabilization

Before the announcement of Nikon D6 DSLR camera, Nikon Rumor Mill said that Nikon D6 do have IBIS and it will arrive with it. But, at the time of announcement everyone was surprised that why Nikon D6 doesn’t have IBIS.  SO, here is your answer coming from

Vice President of Nikon Europe take on absense of IBIS inside Nikon D6

The main target users of the D6 are sports, wildlife and press photographers, who use the Optical viewfinder in most cases. Generally, image sensor stabilization leads to a gap between the optical viewfinder and the image sensor. This gap becomes more noticeable when telephoto lenses are used. With this in mind, we believed that image sensor stabilization was not a requirement for the D6 and decided not to implement it.

In short Nikon Says: We were not able to add IBIS inside Nikon D6. BTW, Pentax K1 DSLR [Wiki | B&H] was announced back Feb 2016, and it was first Fullframe Sensor DSLR to have 5 axis IBIS inside. Nikon at least can do reverse engineering with that model ?

Q. Maybe if your intention was only to do an evolutionary upgrade, naming the camera D5S would have made more sense (just like you have done in the past) and not bring in so much fire?

A. We only make a major model number update when the performance has greatly improved. The D6 has the best AF system among Nikon cameras. Furthermore, the image processing engine and operability have been updated and new connectivity functions like Wi-Fi and GPS have been newly added. Considering the many updates, we decided to name this camera the D6. The D6 has a high reputation especially among sports, wildlife, and press photographers because of its improved speed and AF precision powered by the new AF system.

We will be updating you with more details soon.

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source lensvid

2 comments to Reasons: Why Nikon D6 Doesn’t Have Sensor Shift Image Stabilization

  • Amy

    Nikon and Canon both moving on Mirrorless system cameras and lenses. I am Nikon user from past 20 years. But, Nikon D6 update disappointed me.

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    In the DSLR universe the 4.4 fps of the PENTAX K1_ with a maximum of 17 photos in RAW and 70 in JPEG_, I understand that a CMOS + IBIS can make sense and be perfectly viable, but in indefinite cadences at 16, 14 fps me It seems / I deduce NO.
    On the other hand, Sony a9 by belonging to a parallel universe if they can combine the sensor displacement in 5 axes or IBIS at infernal rates of 20fps through the optical viewfinder.

    En el universo DSLR las 4,4 fps de la PENTAX K1_ con un máximo 17 fotos en RAW y 70 en JPEG_, entiendo que un CMOS+IBIS si pueda tener sentido y ser perfectamente viable, pero en cadencias indefinidas a 16, 14 fps me parece/deduzco que NO.
    En cambio las a9 de Sony al pertenecer a un universo paralelo si pueden compaginar el desplazamiento del sensor en 5 ejes o IBIS a cadencias infernales de 20fps a través del visor óptico.

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