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Firmware Update

Panasonic LX200 is Under Review ?

panasonic LX200

It’s now all over the internet and we have got so many suggestions that Jordan is taking the name of LX200 (accidentally) during the interview. And yes even I have seen the Video 10 times and yes he is taking the the LX200 name very clearly..

time set to 52:40 and then listen very carefully for few sec.

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5 comments to Panasonic LX200 is Under Review ?

  • Mike

    Well I was also waiting for the Panasonic LX200 from a long time.

    Actually, I have read your previous post and you said that Panny is planning to introduce GX9 and LX200.. But we have already seen the GX9 but I am still waiting for Panasonic LX200 camera.

    First of all let’s talk about the improvements I want to see inside the camera

    1. 20 MP 4/3 sensor
    2. 102400 ISO
    3. 4K 60p
    4. External Mic and Headphone
    5. Improved DFD
    6. Vari-angle OLED screen

  • Stella

    Well Jordan is reviewing the Panasonic LX200… look at his expressions after taking the LX200 name

  • subrato

    Yep… he do have.. Truth comes out automatically (in AF mode 🙂 ) … But … He say “No I don’t have” due to NDA

  • Rainer

    really no need to review the K1 II 🙂

  • Haze

    He could also have meant to say zs200 and not lx200, which would have made a lot more sense

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