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Panasonic GF10 Press Release, Full Specification and Images

We now have Panasonic GF10 Full Specification, its press release and images. Panasonic GF10 already announced on Japan and we have all the details here, The official announcement of Panasonic GF10 is on Feb 22, 2018. The camera is capable to record 4K 30p videos.

Panasonic GF10 Major specification

  • 16 million pixels / 16.84 million pixels
  • 4/3 type Live MOS sensor
  • Micro Four Thirds Mount
  • Auto / Intelligent ISO / 100 25600
  • 3840 × 2160 About 28 Mbps (4 K / 24 p: about 100 Mbps) 1920 × 1080 (FHD / 60 p: about 28 Mbps) 1920 ×  1080 (FHD / 30 p: about 20 Mbps)
  • 10 frames / sec (AFS) / approximately 6 frames / sec (AFC time) Buffer
  • RAW / RAW + JPEG Burst: 15 frames or more (subject to our measurement conditions until the speed gets slower)
    JPEG Continuous: More than 100 frames (subject to our measurement conditions until the speed gets slower)
  • shutter 60 to 1 / 16,000
  • AF detection ± 3 EV
  • 4K PHOTO: After selecting MP4 image: JPEG
  • microSD memory card / microSDHC memory card * 1/ microSDXC memory card * 1

The camera is coming with two name one is GF10W and GF90W, both camera will carry same core specification. Monthly production capacity of camera is 7000 units.

Take a look at GF GF series details

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Panasonic GF10 Press Release

Panasonic Corporation will release the digital single-lens camera LUMIX DC-GF10W / GF90W, which evolved “4K SELPHY” which enables him to take self-shots with “4K photo” at high speed continuous shooting on February 22nd.

In recent years, there is a growing need to post pictures such as self-shooting and cooking with social networking services, mainly in women in their 20s and 30s. Despite the compact body, this product has improved ease of use by being able to shoot in high image quality, evolving functions that allow you to take pictures of yourself and enjoy the commitment you’d like. In self-shooting, in addition to a double shutter that can be pressed with either a right hand or left hand depending on a 180 degree tilt type touch panel monitor or scene, “4K SELPHY” capable of high-speed continuous shooting makes it possible to shoot at wider angle. In addition, you can enjoy yourself with a wide range of scenes by installing a new “nightscape & self-shooting mode” that can take vivid and beautiful self-shooting with a night view that is difficult to shoot as well as shooting with vibrancy. In addition, it is equipped with low pass filterless 16M Live MOS sensor and Venus engine, high speed and high precision AF, and you can shoot high quality without missing the shooting opportunities.

Our company proposes this product with high image quality and improved self-shooting function operability as a digital single-lens camera that expands the pleasure of photography.


  1. You can enjoy “self-shooting” as you wish
    · Landscape & enjoy self-portraits of people with wide angle. Evolved “4K SELPHY”
    · Night view also brightly vividly shoots with less blurring “Nightscape & Self-shooting mode” newly installed
  2. Realize high-quality shooting unique to single lenses
    · Low pass filterless 16 M Live MOS sensor & Venus engine
    · Do not miss shooting opportunities. Realization of 0.07 second (* 1) high speed AF with space recognition AF
  3. Compact body with high operability
    · High precision capable of 180 ° tilt Approximately 1.04 million dots 3.0 type touch panel monitor
    · Suitable for self taking with right hand or double handed with left hand can also be pressed
  • ※ 1: CIPA standards. When using AFS, H-FS 14140.

Contact Information

LUMIX · Movie consultation window

Toll-free 0120-878-638 (reception 9 o’clock – 20 o’clock)


  1. You can enjoy even your own self taken
  • Landscape & Personal shoots of people can also be enjoyed at wide angle. Evolved “4K SELPHY” loaded

“4K SELPHY” is newly equipped with “Wide Angle 4K SELPHY (* 2) ” that allows you to take self-shots by taking full advantage of lens angle of view . It is perfect for when you want to take pictures of yourself including landscapes and when you take pictures of yourself with large numbers of people.

  • * 2: When 4K continuous shooting (wide angle) is selected. Continuous shooting speed will be 15 frames per second in consecutive shots.
  • Night view also brightly vividly shoots with suppressed blurring “Nightscape & Self-shooting mode” newly installed

Newly equipped “nightscape & self-shooting mode” suitable for self-taking with night view. Just by pressing the shutter once, first shoot the background night scenery with high-speed continuous shooting. After that, shoot the person brightly with the flash, and synthesize the image of the night view and the person inside the camera. While holding down the blur, the night view and myself are bright, so you can leave a piece with a vivid night view as you actually saw.

  1. Realize high-quality shooting unique to a single lens
  • Low pass filterless 16M Live MOS sensor with Venus engine

By removing the optical low pass filter, the sensor senses the light more directly. I will portray high resolution feeling. Also equipped with a Venus engine that effectively reduces moiré and false color by reducing processing. “Multi-process NR” suppresses noise while maintaining a sense of resolution and texture. High color correction accuracy, faithfully reproduce the subtle nuance of gradation.


  • Do not miss shooting opportunities. Realization of 0.07 second (* 1)high speed AF with space recognition AF

Equipped with our own space recognition technology (DFD <Depth From Defocus> technology) and highly accurate contrast AF “Space recognition AF”. AF focusing speed is 0.07 seconds (* 1) at high speed, you can enjoy comfortable photography without missing a momentary shutter opportunity.

  1. Compact body with high operability
  • High precision capable of 180 degrees tilt Approximately 1.04 million dots 3.0 type touch panel monitor

Easy touch operation is possible, it supports a variety of comfortable shooting styles such as low angle shooting by tilting the monitor and self shooting.

  • Double shutter that can be pressed with right hand or left hand that is most suitable for self taking

Just by tilting the monitor, the Fn 3 (Focus Select) button functions as a shutter button so you can press the shutter button with your right hand even if you point the camera to yourself. Even when holding a small place or a child, you can press the shutter button with the hand that is easy to push, you can not choose the shooting style.

  • “Self-portrait shutter” that allows you to start shooting without pressing the shutter button

“Face shutter” starts a shutter operation when hiding a face with hands and revealing the face again. “Friendly shutter” starts the shutter operation when the detected two faces get closer to within a certain distance.

22 types of creative control

Impressive photos and movies can be taken according to subjects and images by adding effects to the captured images. By selecting from 22 kinds (17 types at movie shooting), you can shoot pleasantly while expanding the range of shooting more. You can adjust the strength and hue of the effect, so you can take a picture of your choice more.

  • L. monochrome with rich texture

“L. monochrome” which pursues texture expression is installed. By expressing richly in tones, we realize impressive monochrome photos like those shot with film cameras.

[Main features other than the above]

  • ● New adoption of easy-to-hold grip pieces even during self-shooting
  • ● “Skin beauty effect” “People mode” “Slim mode” new installation
  • ● Panorama pictures including me “Self-shot panorama” & “Background control (sharp)” to clearly show the background
  • – “4K photo mode” that captures a decisive moment with high-speed continuous shooting of 30 frames per second
  • ● Focus Select & Focus Composite that allows you to choose the picture of your favorite focus point after shooting
  • ● High definition “4K / 30p animation” / smooth “FHD / 60p animation”
  • ● “Wi-Fi ® compatible” capable of connecting to smartphones without a password
  • ● “Kids mode” which can take pictures of children moving around properly
  • ● Reset changed shooting settings to default settings “Shooting setting reset button”
  • ● “USB Charging” compatible for charging from both outlet and PC

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