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Firmware Update

Olympus E-M1X to use AI AF

More information coming about the upcoming Olympus EM1 X camera is said to have AI AF (artificially intelligent Autofocus) system. Well for a while we already seen that Canon uses predictive autofocus for focusing on moving subjects, at the same time Nikon is also working on artificial intelligence AI system. Sony already using artificial intelligent technologies in their latest Sony A9 or A7 series camera for human and animals eye tracking and in predictive AF sports mode.

According to the sources of the rumor mills the upcoming Olympus camera can detect subjects shapes, colours and track it effectively. The AF points of the camera is also auto expandable once the subject reaches the camera

Olympus E-M1X Specifications

  • Sensor: 20MP
  • Frame rate: 18fps
  • 7.5+ EV stabilization
  • Faster image processing – approx 2x faster than the E-m1X
  • Autofocus: Adaptive and expandable focal points. Two examples. If you are shooting a person, then shift to shooting a car, the number of focal points will automatically
  • expand. If you are shooting a basketball player, you will get a vertical series of 5 focal points.
  • Body Size: 144.37 x 146.765 x 75.345mm (body with a built in vertical grip)
  • High Res: Can shoot handheld High Resolution images (around 80MP) at 1/60s
  • Photography focus: Sports and Wildlife shooters
  • Same batteries as E-M1 Mk II
  • Larger EVF
  • Launch: January 2019 along “2 tele zooms, 1 wide angle zoom. speedlight. zuiko binoculars”
  • Availability: February

The camera do carry some new and interesting set of features, but for that you have to pay heavy price and at the end you are getting a 2X smaller sensor than FF system cameras. And have that time we have also said that the price of the camera is not so feasible compared to the existing mirrorless solutions present in the market. Olympus Should release their M4/3 format camera under $2K price tag to reach more existing and new M4/3 consumers.

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3 comments to Olympus E-M1X to use AI AF

  • Zoltan Dobo

    “Faster image processing – approx 2x faster than the E-m1X” wiw that will be insanely fast after few loops.

  • You really are obsessed with full MARKETING frame aren’t you?
    FULL frame was my Mamiya RB-67. As a pro shopoter I NEEDED it for groups for resolution. NO 35mm SLR could do the job at the time – at any price.

    In 2012 something happened. the -Original EM-5 left the RB-67 resloution in the DUST, and in every realistic measure!
    All this with a pocketable (17mm/f2,8 lens attached)

    Now grab a 40-150/2,8 – an 80-300mm (equiv AOV) f2,8 all the way that’s easily hand holdable?
    I shot this combo for 9 HOURS at a competition – great results – ZERO fatigue.
    Try that 9 hours with a full MARKETING frame camera with inferior IS – no way.

  • Mike Inkley

    I cannot understand how people regard physical sensor size as a determining factor when buying a camera. My advice is write down what a camera has to do for you, list all those that can do it, cross off what you can’t afford and then go and physically try them. You might find that an Olympus pro camera with their 300mm f4 Pro is $10,000 cheaper than a 1Dx ii with a 600 f4L and also that you can carry it as well. In most shooting situations the images will be indistinguishable too.

    Please get off the high horse of supporting those companies who have the biggest advertising spend!

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