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No 6K in Panasonic GH5 - Limited to 4K Mode Only ?


Panasonic-GH5-imageAccording to trusted sources of  43rumors the upcoming Panasonic camera will have same 16MP sensor as of Panasonic GX80 camera, I can’t believe in this rumor since February, 2016 Japanese publication Nikkan, reported that next GH series camera is arriving with 6K video recording @ 30frames per second.

If Panasonic GH5 is coming with a 16MP sensor then there is no option left to record video above than 4K, since to record a 6K video we need at-least a 24MP sensor.

Will update you soon as we get any new info

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6 comments to No 6K in Panasonic GH5 – Limited to 4K Mode Only ?

  • Setlla

    I am really disappointed to hear this news I was a big fan of Panasonic and a GH4 user, I won’t expect any Junk announcement from this company.

  • Sakaphoto Graphics

    In a lot of ways, micro Four-Thirds is being held back by Sony’s sensor division. They could produce a better sensor, but they’re probably asking too much money for such a sensor.

    If they can make 1 inch type sensors so much better, they can surely do more with Four-Thirds size.

    The good thing is that Panasonic will likely have a better image processor that will clean up the output from the current sensor.

  • CanonPro

    Panasonic is a Sony dependent company, the literally doesn’t have any sensor manufacturing division.

    I think Panasonic should look forward to Toshiba and Aptina for better and high quality sensor.

  • Rick Idak

    A 18 megapixel sensor is enough for 6K 8.8 megapixel is a one to one for 4K 12 megapixel if it is a DSLR and crop for video. 13.2 megs for 6K you are fine with using 18 or 20 that is stated for the new sensor. The problem lies in the processing power and heat. No good to compress even more.
    I like what Panasonic is doing with the GH series. But I was a little skeptical with all the rumours flying around 6K at 30P and 60P at 4K etc. Some bullshiters even announced it would be 8K. To make the GH5 much better. I suggest a sensor that has only 12 megs. This would aid so much in lower lighting situations and give a cleaner picture. 100 m/sec for 4K internal recording was a joke. Same with the 96 fps compression. Much better to make them at least record 200. This will sharpen and clean images.

  • foljs

    >I am really disappointed to hear this news I was a big fan of Panasonic and a GH4 user, I won’t expect any Junk announcement from this company.

    4K would be a “junk announcement”?

    Tons of people haven’t even moved to 4K workflows yet — and I’m talking about professionals in TV and documentary.

    Only amateurs who know nothing and are impressed by big numbers would really want 6K at this point, with current disk spaces, processing time and workflow abstractions for minimal gain, since even feature film cinema release will be OK with 4K capture.

    And it’s not like it 6K will be any huge benefit in the future either — it’s not like optics will change in the future so that 4K wont be more than enough for movie theater projection. At best it will give more cropping flexibility.

    But as said, with current CPU/GPU processing times, storage costs, etc 6K makes absolutely no sense. Unless you have more money than sense.

  • Neil

    GH series need face-lift, compact cameras like Nikon B500 captures 4K on the go, Nikon and Canon DSLRs now offering 4K with 60fps.

    The GH series is know for its Video centric performance, I think introduction of 6K from Panasonic has become mandatory.

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