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Nikon Not Attending the CES 2018 Event

Nikon 2018 CES Show image

Nikon isn’t attending the CES event (you can also check here). That directly means Nikon will not going to announce the Nikon D5s anytime soon.

If you look at past, Nikon was using the CES platform to announce flagship cameras.

Still, we have a week left so there is a possibility that we may see Nikon during the event.

Nikon do have a lot announcement left for 2018, take look at – Nikon upcoming upcoming camera 2018.

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4 comments to Nikon Not Attending the CES 2018 Event

  • Doug

    The “search” is for scheduled media events, seminars, presentations, etc. A company that will only exhibit will not appear in the search. Nikon might be a registered exhibitor. Try the search for other companies.

    Typically the exhibitor listing and booth locations will be available closer to the show date.

  • Please don’t spread misinformation. As of today, Nikon is still registered as an exhibitor at CES (

    What you’re referring to is the “official” CES press conference schedule. Companies don’t always list their press conferences there because they want to limit the press to their own specific contacts, not the broader CES ones. Thus, you can’t even say that Nikon won’t have a new product at CES. Indeed, it’s likely that they will (e.g. Coolpix P900 followup).

    Whether a D5s shows up or not is an entirely different story. It might, it might not. I wouldn’t think that Nikon would regard it as an important CES type announcement. Yes, I’m aware that they used CES to launch the D5, but that was a bit of a different thing, as the D5 launched Nikon’s latest generation of technologies and they wanted to promote that widely. Announcing some mild updates in a D5s wouldn’t tend to be covered well by the CES press. Indeed, they’d likely get negative coverage.

  • admin

    Thanks @Thom Hoagn and @Doug for the alert

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