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Nikon Future Cameras Will have a Camera Module on Rear Side...

Camera sample image to show the location of secondary camera module

Recent patent surfaced over the web shows Future Nikon camera’s will have a small camera module on the rear side of the camera to snap Photographers images when the review their shot once it captured. Photographers images will be saved in the Exif information file of the camera as well as it can also inserted in the main image if anyone wish to.

Nikon Patent Timeline

Application JPxxxxxxxxxA events  – 2019-02-28
Application filed by  Nikon Corp – 2019-02-28
Priority to JPxxxxxxxxxA – 2019-08-15
Publication of JPxxxxxxxxA – 2020-03-01
Application status is Pending

If photographer wish, they can add their pics on the main image of the camera.

This tool is Specifically useful for war photography.

Patent Translated from Japanese (Machine translated)

  In addition to a main imaging device that captures a subject, a digital camera that includes a sub-imaging device that captures a person who is viewing a liquid crystal screen during image playback is known. This digital camera obtains the favorite degree of the image displayed on the display screen based on the smile information of the image of the viewer photographed by the sub imaging device.

 The voice output unit 8 outputs a voice message by voice synthesis according to an instruction from the control unit 4.

  The storage unit 9 stores a subject image, a photographer image, a viewer image, and the like, which will be described later. The control unit 4 performs predetermined image processing on the image signals acquired from the image sensors 22 and 32 to generate still image data, performs compression processing by a predetermined method such as JPEG, and performs subject image and photographer shooting. Images, browser images, etc. are recorded in the storage unit 9.

  The photographer holds the imaging device 1 and photographs the subject by the first imaging unit 2. At this time, if the imaging device 1 is held, the right hand touches the touch sensor 5a. If the photographer is located on the back side of the image pickup apparatus 1, the second image pickup unit 3 photographs the photographer. In addition, after the photographing is finished, the viewer holds the imaging device 1 and reproduces the image, and when the image displayed on the display unit 7 is browsed, the second imaging unit 3 photographs the viewer. .

  FIG. 3 is a diagram illustrating a storage state of the storage unit 9. A photographer image 9b, a viewer image 9c, identification information 9d, and an evaluation value 9e are stored in association with the subject image 9a. The subject image 9a is an image of a subject photographed by the first imaging unit 2 by operating the release button 6a by the photographer. The photographer image 9 b is an image of the photographer photographed by the second image capturing unit 3 when the photographer is photographing the subject by the first image capturing unit 2.

We will be updating you with more details soon.

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