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Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless Coming in March 2018

Thom Hogan is a veteran photograph and also and Nikon professional for a long time. This is not the first time Thom Hogan always publish post in the beginning of the year that contains a lot of predictions related to Nikon itself.

And many time the prediction is straight forward right. This year Thom Hogan predicted that Nikon will going to announce full frame mirrorless system camera in the CP Plus event in the month of March 2018

Take a look what thom hogen said

Still, we’re close. At least at the camera level. I expect Nikon to announce their new mirrorless system at CP+, which for 2018 begins with the month of March. I expect Nikon to have both DX and FX mirrorless options by the time Photokina rolls around next fall.

Thom says he expect that Nikon both FX and DX camera will become available by September of this year (during Photokina 2018 event). So, we may see either a development announcement or may be a DX sensor based Mirrorless camera this March as Thom said.

Even we are waiting for Nikon mirrorless cameras from a long time and we also do believe that Nikon will going to announce full frame mirrorless system this year.

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7 comments to Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless Coming in March 2018

  • podnar

    I waiting for NIKON DL 25-500 mm!

    best regards

    Janez Podnar

  • Peter

    Podnar that was abandoned a long time ago

  • Laith

    I think Nikon full frame mirrorless will beat Sony A7R III in such a way that having flash, better senser stabilization and focussing system.

  • CBV Raju Raju

    Will any body explain(with the photo) me how a DSLR work without mirror..does it have a viewfinder like other DSLR cameras..?

  • XJPB

    I am extremely skeptical about this project. It took both Sony and Fujifilm more than half a decade to develop fluent, performing mirrorless cameras with a matching range of high quality, performing aspherical glass. A lot of footwork was done by Zeiss, which is likely the best lens manufacturer in the world, beyond maybe Fujifilm, who is also very capable in many optical applications. Sony owns all related sensor technology, they can keen keep all competition precisely where they want them to be. Some are over-enthousiast about the D850 well versus the ancestors D800/E D810, to be honest I wasn’t. The concept in itself is already dated compared to f.i. a Sony A7 RIII (and I’m really not a Sony fan). It can’t beat a camera like the Fuji GFX in IQ (whatever web-reviews claim I’ve done a few tests myself, the 100MP glass alone is stellar and way above anything in the native ranges of the DSLR-world). To get the expected performance out of the +24MP sensors you’ll need to invest in over-expensive glass like Zeiss Otus or frequently inconsistent performing Sigma Art’s, despite the image quality I find both not a perfect solution in real world and look at the cost of this ‘renewed’ investment. Many Nikkors are moderate performers at this 45MP quality level, have a visible CA wide open or curvatures, don’t have the expected edge to edge sharpness or show a kind of distortion that is disappointing. There’s not one decent ‘standard’ 50mm prime in the whole range. And this company is going to beat the existing market? I don’t think so, they have waited at least a few years too long and the D850 should have been a new age high res MILC instead of this cumbersome dinosaur. Not to mention Nikon 1, which was a complete waste of money if you ever invested in it. And Canon is pretty much playing in the same league. I could say a lot more, but that’s were I keep it for now.

  • f5titan

    I am ready to purchase a D500. Will this mirror less surpass the D810 (which I have)? Or will it be a mirror less D750 or D610?

  • What Nikon needs to make is a digital Nikon SP

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