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Nikon DX Mirorless Before June 2019 [Rumor]

Xclusive: According to latest rumors surfaced from the web, After Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless camera it’s look like Nikon in the mood to announce Nikon DX Mirrorless camera, possible before June 2019. The time frame we are getting for DX format Mirrorless camera announcement is said to between somewhere between March and June 2019.

We have gathered multiple reports from past few weeks and if Nikon goes in schedule then we our brand new DX format Mirrorless camera system before June 2019.

Lenses Coming with DX Format Mirrorless camera

55-200mm F4-5.6 [Confirmed]
18-135mm F3.5-5.6 [Confirmed]
24mm F1.8

Canon already have their APS-C Line of Mirrorless camera from a long time and recently they have also publicly announced that they are cannibalizing DSLRs in favor of Mirrorless camera. So, they are clear about their future strategy.

BTW, Nikon is also walking on the same path and from past 1 year we haven’t seen any serious DSLR announcement from Nikon.
It’s very clear that if Nikon DO NOT have any single APS-C Mirrorless cameras to compete against existing mirrorless systems. So, we do believe either this, most probably before June we will have some glimpse of upcoming Nikon DX Mirrorless systems.

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2 comments to Nikon DX Mirorless Before June 2019 [Rumor]

  • HarryStilskin

    That would be quite a surprise! But also a really good move if they have technology developed that would slot into a new APS-C chassis. Nikon is the only company that has a significant overlap of FF and APS-C users, with many FF users pairing up a D500 with their long lenses. Their 16-80mm is the nicest APS-C zoom lens to come out since its debut (Fujifilm aside, of course).

    If Nikon’s also able to give a mirrorless APS-C camera a scaled down version of its FF IBIS system and also add just two lenses (in addition to that kit stuff): A solid f/2.8 zoom and a fast 21/23mm prime—while allowing Sigma’s excellent 16mm/30mm/56mm f/1.4 trio to do the rest of the work, this hypothetical body could snatch up both Canon and Sony crop shooters, lure them to Z6 and Z7 purchased down the road, and also shore up Nikon’s strength for those on the fence between an a7/R III and the Z6/Z7. (This is assuming Sony still has their thumb up their arse with crop lenses, which is highly likely.) Sony crop users have really only hung around because of Sigma’s lenses, and to a lesser extent Samyang’s crop mirrirless MF lenses. I’ve heard zero buzz from any Sony a9/a7X III shooters wanting to buy an a6400 to use with their longer lenses (or any of their FF lenses, in fact).

    Canon has not only abandoned crop DSLR lenses for the foreseeable future (not that they’ve ever really cared much) but they also seem to have orphaned their recent EF-M mount. I’d be really surprised if the EF-M 32mm f/1.4 isn’t the last parting gift to EF-M users—especially with their FF RF 35mm f/1.8 macro selling for almost the same price while offering more value. I think the RP (even with its stripped rental car feature set) is designed to push EF-M and EF-S users to Canon FF MILCs.

    All that to say, a Nikon APS-C mirrorless camera could potentially take plenty of frustrated APS-C users from Sony and Canon. Fuji (and much smaller Olympus) are the only mirrorless brands that are actively creating an inexpensive on-ramp for shooters wanting to move from their $1,000 smartphone to a “real” ILC camera. Sonystill pushed their wheezing a6000 and Canon’s strategy doesn’t make any sense for all but the hardcore Canonnites with $10K and a lot of patience to burn.

    Fuji is the only brand that would go unaffected by a Nikon APS-C release, IMO. Panasonic shooters not on board with the mega-sized, mega-priced new FF MILC system have got to be wondering about Panasonic’s future MFT viability, especially given their rebuke of Olympus and their MFT partnership. So a well-priced Nikon APS-C camera with IBIS a real f/2.8 zoom, and access to Sugma’s primes might look like the better step up (or the next better place to be if MFT collapses). Just my two cents.

  • George S

    New mirrorless APs-C Nikon with IBIS as compact as Sony A6500 or, at least not much over 0.5kg, may attract my attention.
    I dropped Nikon D7000 – a very good body – for Fujifilm X-E2 also a very good body, because of D7000 body mass and size.
    Now I am about to drop Fujifilm for their inability to bring compact and light body with IBIS.
    So, it is Sony with successor to A6500*, or DX Nikon with IBIS.
    Presumably I could use my older Nikon lenses with new camera. If so, that favours Nikon.
    If not, then it probably is Sony.
    *A6500 almost does it for me as well, however it needs better EVF and few other improvement.

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