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Nikon D820, Nikon D7300 and 5 New Lenses coming

Nikon D7300 vs Nikon D850 image

According to latest rumors Nikon D820, Nikon D7300 and 5 New Lenses coming this year more details below,

Nikon D820 and Nikon D7300 – Confirmations

This year Nikon will going to announce Nikon D820, Nikon D7300 camera along with 5 Nikkor Lenses. No details about the lenses available right now, they are either FX or DX Lenses. However, we have already published the major leaked specification of Nikon D7300 a while ago, take a look.

Nikon D7300 Rumored specification

  • 20MP sensor (same sensor from the D500)
  • 4K video
  • 51 points AF

Nikon D7300 will sure become the next DX sensation from Nikon after the announcement of Nikon D500.  Till now Nikon D810 successor details isn’t available yet.

Nikon D760 Coming in Q4 or Q1 of 2017

Rumor mill’s is still uncertain about the arrival time Nikon D750 successor. The time-frame of Nikon D760 announcement is somewhere shifting between End of 2017 or may be at beginning of 2018.

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7 comments to Nikon D820, Nikon D7300 and 5 New Lenses coming

  • Steve

    Excellent news
    But I was waiting for Canon 750D successor

  • Nair

    Dear Nikon,

    I really like the way ur moving forward.

    But why you aren’t touching Mirrorless professional camera.

    Waiting for your answer

  • stella

    I think Nikon isn’t waiting they are managing entire situation right now.

    42MP sensor may become commercially available soon……….. once the A7III is out with a new sensor. We can expect some serious FF solutions from Nikon this September.

  • Steve

    *ops Nikon D750 successor

  • Greg

    I am glad that I did not pick up a D810. I want to get the 820. Plus those people that want to sell their D810 will probably do it now while it has more value. Once the 820 comes out the prices will really drop.

  • Andy

    I personally think, that there will be no mirrorless FF camera from Nikon in the
    near future.
    This is maybe caused by the Sony contract. Nikon gets the 42mp sensor from the A7RII and cancels theirs near future plans for mirrorless cameras.

    I’m courious to see the specs and performance of the D760 and D820 (or D850).
    And, how much Nikon can pull out the Sony Sensors again.

  • so still waiting for the new 700 series 800 series and no news at all on the 600 series

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