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Firmware Update

Nikon D5s Coming on January 2018

Nikon D5s image rumor

According to latest rumors Nikon D5s coming on January 2018. Traditionally after every 2 years of GAP Nikon announces DXs Series camera. In general they take CES platform to announce their flagship product in January.

So, if Nikon follow up the same trend then Nikon will sure announce the Nikon D5s camera on Jan of 2018.

Possible Specs of Nikon D5s

Nikon do add an revised algorithm and redesigned Sensor inside the camera. So, the resolution of the camera is expected to remain same, but at the same time we do also expect enhancement in dynamic range as well as 1 stop increment in the high ISO range of the camera.

So, follow the Nikon D5s Page for LIVE Updates and RUMORS

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4 comments to Nikon D5s Coming on January 2018

  • Odin

    Needs an all new 24MP sensor with on sensor PDAF, no one cares about it having ISO 6 million, it’s can’t be used above 25600 anyway. 1 stop better low ISO DR, 14fps, massively upgraded 4K, tweaked AF to fix the broken dynamic modes, and most of all a $1500 price cut.

  • Stella

    Agree with Odin

    2018 is a year of adding PDAF Sensor in Nikon family

    So instead of adding FIRST hybrid sensor to D650 or D760, they will first introduce to D5s

  • Odin

    BTW the 1DXII also needs an urgent update. Bump the res to 24MP also, already has good DR and DPAF, but needs to lose weight, at least 100g, more codec options for 4K, more improvements to AF, with more coverage, and also a $1000 price cut.

  • ajayakumar

    nikon d3s

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