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Nikon D3500 vs Nikon D3400

Nikon D3500 vs Nikon D3400, Nikon finally announced a new entry level Camera today. lets take a look at the Major difference we have between the models.

Nikon D3500 vs Nikon D3400 Major Difference

Features Nikon D3500 Nikon D3400
Battery Life

30% More Life

1550 shots per charge

1200 Shots per charge
Dimensions 124.0 x 97.0 x 69.5 124.0 x 98.0 x 75.5

Nothing changed too much from the previous generation, the sensor and the image processor of the camera remains same. So, the bottom line is you will be getting same image quality compared to its predecessor. But it you look at the price difference, you don’t have to pay a extra penny for a new model and in-turn you are getting  more battery life and bit more compact body. So, if you are a beginner and planning to buy a new camera you must get the new Nikon D3500 camera. (B&H Store)

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6 comments to Nikon D3500 vs Nikon D3400

  • Bret Busby

    The comparison table appears to show the D3400 to be somewhat of an electronic laxative…

  • Charles

    Seems the D3500 has a 30% more shots, but the D3400 100% more shit!

  • admin

    Thanks Bret, fixed it.

  • Bret Busby

    I suggest that another interesting comparison, including sample images, would be between a D3500 and a B700.

  • Bret Busby

    From what I understand, the most significant difference between the D3500 and the B700, is thus;

    Nikon B700 has a 20.0MP 1/2.3″ (6.17 x 4.55 mm ) sized BSI-CMOS sensor . On the other hand, Nikon D3500 has a 24.0MP APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features Expeed 4 processor.

    Another difference between these two cameras is that Nikon D3500’s sensor lacks anti-alias (Low-Pass) filter. Removing anti-alias filter increases the sharpness and level of detail but at the same time, it increases the chance of moire occurring in certain scenes.

    Below you can see the B700 and D3500 sensor size comparison.

    Nikon B700 vs Nikon D3500 Sensor Size Comparison

    As seen above, Nikon D3500 has a 13.1x Larger sensor area than Nikon B700. Larger sensors give photographer more control on the depth of field and blurry background compared to smaller sensor when shot in same focal length and aperture.

    So, I think it would be good, if Nikon could increase the picture quality in its cameras B700, P900, P1000, and A900 and A1000, by usung the bigger sensors, that Nikon uses in the DSLKR’s like the D3500.

    Similarly, for Canon.

  • Stella

    Things are common when you on’t have a true competitor …

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