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Good News: Ricoh GR III is Coming

Ricoh GR arrivalIn an interview conduct by dpreview of Kazunobu Saiki, Senior Management and Group Leader, Marketing Section said “Ricoh GR is one of our most important premium cameras. We want to reassure our GR lovers that the series will continue.”

When interviewer asked  Might that extend to GRs with other focal lengths? … ‘It depends,’ says Saiki: ‘we know we really appeal. We have so many GR lovers, it’s a very emotional attachment. That’s why we need to listen to customers about where we should go.’

Undoubtedly Ricoh GR is is one of the most affordable camera APS-C sensor based camera for professionals, but the Ricoh GR II update created big disappointment among the GR users since sensor, lens, image processor and almost everything remains same as of predecessor except WiFi. The GRII was announced back on Jun 17, 2015. From the interview It’s very clear that Ricoh now taken the GR series concept seriously after the high-demand large sensor compacts and they sure will bring a major update soon. We hope the next GR series camera will arrive on Q3 of 2017.

Update:  Ricoh GRIII on Sept 2018

Ricoh GR III Coming on Sept 2018


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source – dpreview


37 comments to Good News: Ricoh GR III is Coming

  • Stella

    Good News, I am also a big fan of Ricoh since the camera is affordable as well as features a APS-C sensor

  • Daryl

    Wish list for GRIII: OLED display, shoe mount high res EVF, 24mp sensor. Otherwise, same form and quality build.

  • Eric

    If they ever produce one that is immune from sensor dust, i’d like to buy one.

  • Hans de Haan

    I love this camera but sold the GR2 due to the dust sucking problem, whisch is well know to users/owners, a big dissapointment of these cameras, please make one with a dust sucking free lens:-)! I thrn would buy one and keep it for a long time.

  • Dust and weather sealing would be a big improvement. It’s a great camera as is but 24MP would be nice.

  • Makofoto

    You get what you pay for …

    Btw. Never had any dust issues.!

  • Would like to see a tilted screen.

  • Jackson Browne

    I’ve never had dust problems with my Ricoh GR and I live in a very dry and dusty part of the U.S. That said, I would love to have better weather-sealing. My most important feature would be getting sensor image-stabilization though.

  • Toby

    No to tilted screen. Yes to dust solution. Yes to battery charger, No to 24mp unless its FF. Yes to 50mm equiv lens.

  • Thang Tran

    Hope GRiii with weather seal, 24mp, and build with VF (EVF).

  • Marlon Bishop

    Who needs weather sealing for a $600? If you’re pro then your weathering sealing is to just buy another one.

  • Martin

    My GR just died for no apparent reason, so maybe it’s time for upgrade. Perfect camera, but it’s dust problem was expensive (four times cleaned) and annoying.

  • Joe

    Full frame, please.

  • Speed. More of it. More than 4 frames per second. + A bit more iso.

  • Dotkoev

    I never had the dust-problem!
    I think its better with two version (28 and 50 mm equiv) than one 35 mm equiv. I really miss the normal though. Im now using the sigma dpII witch is quite aqward and not compact. The compactness are one of the real big advantage. It would be good with a safer on-swithc to prevent the lens go out in pockets ore hardshells.

  • Dotkoev

    im also would more likely consider buying with an vf.

  • Fredrick March

    Leave its form factor alone. The size is it’s selling point. Let the GR be the GR. It’s what we loved about it. but internally, amp up the ante as far as AF, Speed, ISO, etc. Even add some b&w film simulations. Bring it up to par with the Sony, Fuji, Olympus technology.

  • Spooky

    GRII is a great camera, but would love to see the following improvements!
    – 24mp
    – f/1.4 lens
    – 28mm / 50mm toggle?
    – OVF attachment standard?

    Other than that it’s perfect!

  • Arne

    Yeah, tilted screen, full frame, viewfinder, etc etc. Why not put bigger batteries in it also and make the camera weigh more and double its size.

  • Konstantin

    Thank you very, very much for the Ricoh GR (GRII).
    My wish is a built in EVF (if not possible an external EVF as on the Caplio GX 100/200). Better ISO behavior and a Bulb function would be great!

    P.S.:(Ricoh always built my favorites cameras. I loved also the Caplio GX100 and 200) Maybe it is also time for a little allround Camera GX 300 with APS Sensor?

  • Joe G

    I’d buy another GR with a 40mm equivalent lens. Wouldn’t change sensor unless it’s truly superior in ALL ways.

  • Daniel

    I really like the GR about its size, exelent handling, menu setup and the great pictures on street.

    I had dust problems aswell within the lens and not on the sensor, so weather seal would be nice.
    Higher pixel amount would be nice due to crops, but only aslong the Quality on high ISO (maybe even anti shake) and the responsness of the GR is kept or improved further.
    Screen resolution is well enough, a viewfinder is not needed, But of course tilting screen would be nice.
    AF works fine most of times, but sometimes its harder to get Focus.
    The 28mm lens worked fine for me.

    I am looking forward to see whats next!
    Cheers Dan

  • sal

    24mp. Optional evf. Come on Ricoh you can do it. And get a move on.

  • Marvin Yeung

    Good god you think they chose to use a f2.8? its the best they can do for the size,and its fine, more than fine, I wouldnt sacrifice 1mm of thickness for a f2, its a compact camera and its fine as it is. Please upgrade the sensor, weather seal the body, have better wifi connectivity and I’d buy it in a heartbeat

  • liam

    I do not believe in Ricoh’s upgrades! They are full of shit…..

  • One year later, NOTHING. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Meanwhile Fuji is telling us openly they are working on the X80, that it’s a little delayed, but reassuring us it’s still coming. Ricoh remains conspicuously silent.

  • Gerald

    16 MP, SW Sensor, High Iso und das Menü der K1
    Das wünsche ich mir für die GR III

  • I was considering buying another GR II (I had to part with mine that I bought earlier this year), but I decided to hold off for the GR III, since it’s about time for a new one to come out. Come on Ricoh, you can do it.

  • John

    Keep the same form factor, just improve AF and high iso performance, don’t care about megapixels, make it an a7s for the pocket and I’ll buy two.

  • Leo

    EVF would be a must for me to consider a GR. Tilted screen is nice. I own Sigma DP Merill camera’s, with a lot off quirks, but fenomenal IQ. I miss the EVF on that camera’s too.

  • Tom Watson

    21mm…like the GR21

  • Tom Watson

    and EVF, of course

  • Will

    There are two big improvements and one small that I’d like to see.

    – Dust resistance
    – Tilting screen

    – Improved WiFi app
    – Better high ISO performance

    I think the dust resistance is the single most important thing that I’d want improved over the GR II. I’d also like to have a tilting screen for stealthy and low-down shots.

    I don’t want them to add an EVF. If they added one, it would just make the camera bigger, which would destroy one of the most important features of this camera: its portability. Maybe they could make an EVF attachment, but I think adding a built-in EVF would be stupid.

    I don’t think they need to make any changes to the lens whatsoever. Ergonomics are also outstanding and do not need to be changed at all. The same can be said for the controls.

    I would like to see an improved WiFi app. The GR II’s is pretty terrible. I’d like it to have full manual controls and a way to import photos into your phone. It should also allow you to preview images and zoom in so you can pixel peep and decide which to keep. Then from there, you should have the ability to export to the Lightroom app.

    Better high ISO performance would be nice, but not necessary.

  • Jim

    Other than dust resistance, don’t change a thing. Let it stay the great camera we all know it to be. If you want more, buy a different camera.

  • TheDesertSweeper

    It is April 2018…and still no sign of the replacement

  • The GR III preproduction specs are out and one important thing is missing, the Built-In Flash! Visit and Sign the Petition to Safe the GR III Flash: #safethegriiiflash

  • Yogi Mik

    I made comparison editing RAW images from GRD IV F1.9 with CCD sensor,
    and GR II F.2.8 with CMOS sensor.
    I definitely prefer an output from a smaller CCD sensor, hands down.
    So, I’m not interested in new GR III with CMOS sensor at all.
    I don’t care about speed, and more pixels, or high ISO performance.
    I do care about an image. I mostly shoot at base ISO for the best IQ in color, but higher ISO for B&W.
    So, I came to conclusion, that I’ll buy two Ricoh’s.
    Original 8.2 MP GRD for b&w, and 10 MP GRD IV for color.
    Those, IMHO are the best digital Ricohs GR.

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