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Firmware Update

Fuji X-T4 Coming on Q1/Q2 2020

If Fuji goes on its schedule then for sure the Fuji X-T4 camera will be coming on Q1 or Q2 of 2020 with built-in image stabilization system. According to rumors we have, before X-T4 arrival, we will be having the Fuji X-Pro 3 camera announcement at the end of 2019. Fuji Registered X-Pro 3 camera back on June 2019 [FF190002] and announcement is expected this year.

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4 comments to Fuji X-T4 Coming on Q1/Q2 2020

  • Akhilesh Vanam

    Good..that would mean the end of XH series.Anyways..nice integration

  • David Bailey

    No the X-T4 will probably NOT mean the end of the XH series even if they both have IBIS. Fuji have a clear strategy of aiming different cameras at different market sectors and so have the X Pro series, the X-T series and the X-H series amongst others. Expect this to continue. It is a false assumption that “integration” is good. Precisely meeting the needs 0f your target customers is good however and one camera can’t do that.

  • bludgerkoalas

    XH-1 camera should be top of the line,hope not using old sensor and improve battery performance at least 800 photos instead of 300+.

  • George S

    T4 with IBIS, needs to be everything T3 is, plus IBIS.
    Whether it means H2 will be introduced or not, I don’t care, however T4 needs to be as close as possible to T3 mass. Under no circumstances it should exceed 0.5 kg by very much at all.
    What killed H1 was size and weight/mass.
    APSC body, in order to make any sense at all, must be compact and light.

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