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Firmware Update

Fuji X-T2 Round-up - A serious Video Tool, Sample 4K Video and More...


Buy Fuji X-T2 from Amazon | B&H

Fujifilm added a eye-catching 4K video on youtube, the video shows us the capability of the X-T2 camera. I am not a video guy but I can say the color output, clarity and resolution is just awesome.


Fuji X-T2 vs Fuji X-T1 High ISO TEST

Fuji X-T1 Sample Video

This is 4K Motion Picture shot on FUJIFILM X-T2 by Yoshihiro Enatsu of Marimo records. X-T2 is the first model to have 4K high definition video function for the FUJIFILM X Series. Now you can use film simulation such as ACROS, Provia, and Velvia in the 4K movie quality.

Fuji X-T2 Video Review

The sensor features the X-Trans array and no low-pass filter which is quite evident in the 4K results – they are extremely sharp. More so to my eye than the Sony cameras. You might actually want to tone down the sharpness as much as possible in-camera and in post and use a 180 degree shutter angle for a more natural look. – EOSHD

Take a look at the video below, uploaded by facebook user bigheadtaco, the video is captured by a pre-production model of the camera.

This is just a quick 4K video test on the new Fujifilm X-T2. Yes, this is the first Fujifilm X series camera that is 4K capable, so this is a big deal. I did have a pre-production model and I didn’t shoot in the most ideal conditions nor subject matter (4K selfie vlogging is weird); so look for a future video with more ideal 4K video subject matter.

For this video I used the XF18-55mm lens because of image stabilization, and I used the MIC-ST1 for audio. Remember the new X-T2 is more video-centric compared to previous X series bodies. The X-T2 now has a dedicated video mode via the DRIVE dial and using the shutter button to start and stop video, it has a dedicated 3.5mm audio input, it’s capable of 4K output to either SD UHS-II dual slots or via HDMI output to an external device.

*Remember to click the settings icon along the bottom of the video and change to 4K (2160P). Most often the default video quality is 1080P.

Engadget team spent 24 hours with the new Fuji X-T2 camera, take a look waht they have to say

The X-T2’s AF is fast and precise, especially if you’re coming from an X-T1 or, dare we say it, even an X-Pro2. So far, I haven’t come across any subjects, still or moving, the camera couldn’t handle. That said, I won’t make any final judgements until I’ve tested it in low-light conditions and more challenging scenarios than a day out in New York City….Engadget

What’s new

What’s new inside the Fuji X-T2 camera compared to X-T1 camera ?

The Fuji X-T2 offers

  1. New 24MP sensor
  2. New image processor EXR II
  3. Advance AF system with 325 AF points / 49 phase detection
  4. X-T1 has an ISO sensitivity of 200 to 6400, the X-T2’s ranges between ISO 200 and 12,800
  5. 4K Video / F-Log
  6. joystick to select AF points.
  7. 11fps shooting with battery grip / XT1 remains limited to 8 fps.

Click here to see detailed comparison review between X-pro2 vs X-T1

Fuji – XT2 Sample Image by user

Michael Schnabl shared a new pic with us captured with Fuji X-T2 ( available at Amazon | B&H) and XF 56mm 1.2 at f/4.0


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4 comments to Fuji X-T2 Round-up – A serious Video Tool, Sample 4K Video and More…

  • stella

    One of the best mirrorless camera I have ever seen till date, Fuji make camera for professionals.

  • Fujlover

    Thanks for the awesome post.

  • peterparker

    X-Pro2 is the poser camera only with a kind of old specification and all that, for those that wants to look like they are carrying a film Leica but don’t know how to MF and develop film.

    Most X-Pro are just fashion accessory and never used. The photographers I know that actually do street photography use X100, RX100 or just their phone.

    X-T is actually the flagship of the lineup and for those that actually intend to take photos. X-E is the budget X-T.

  • This camera sounds better and better. Can’t wait to sees full review.

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