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Fuji X-Pro 2, X-E3, X200 and X-T2 will arrive with X-Trans III Sensor?


Fujifilm X-Trans sensors and innovative camera design created a new sensation in the digital camera world, but after the announcement of X-T1 we haven’t seen any innovative product yet….  take a look at the chart below

X-Trans-cmos-cameraAs you can see from the chart that the 1st generation X-Trans used on X-Pro1, X-E1, X-M1 and the second generation of X-Trans II sensors are used in X100S, X-E2, X-T1, and X100T.

As you can see from 2012 to 2014 Fuji only introduced two type of X-Trans CMOS sensor (I & II), the first generation of X-Trans  CMOS sensor life was only 1 year and after that Fuji introduced X-Trans II sensor and it’s almost two years passed and we haven’t seen any sign of X-Trans III sensor yet. The update of models like X-E2 and X-Pro 1 is overdue and Fuji users are waiting and waiting.

Due to the lack of new sensor technology (and a bit frustration) Finally Fuji did a little experiment, they announced a new X100T model having the same sensor as of it’s predecessor (X100S) by having negligible difference in core specification, you can also see the comparison here, as a result the X100T sales report was not satisfactory and finally Fuji decided to not to repeat the same mistake again.

Finally if we look at rumors Fuji is expected to announce a new X-Pro 2 camera along with new generation of X-Trans III sensor in Q1 of 2015..what I see is now Fuji need to work fast to introduce 3rd generation of X-Trans sensor in the market to restore his users and gain market share.

+ Also see – As we all know that Fujiflim is also working on organic sensor but it is still on development stage and not ready for use (see the news here),

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9 comments to Fuji X-Pro 2, X-E3, X200 and X-T2 will arrive with X-Trans III Sensor?

  • thomas

    I find the rush for something new out of place.If a product line can produce something of quality once or twice a year, i call it a success. Fujifilm has done a great job with firmware updates to keep their products current. Their line of lenses is of excellent quality.I have used the x100, xe1 and am currently using the x100s.The d800 is collecting dust.If fuji can produce an xpro-2 this year I am satisfied.

  • Jay

    And why exactly we “need” to rush for an X-Trans III sensor?? The current one not good enough? X-Trans 1 already rubish?
    I find it amazing how fast the average user (who only watches 95% of his pictures on a PC/Mac needs a bigger, newer and so on camera. I agree totally with Thomas that the firmware upgrade and the current line-up of lenses are more than satisfying and yield results which are far above what is actually needed (I am a professional photographer for more than 25 years, back from the analog times were a Nikon F3 or F5 was still OK after 7 – 8 years, not months and after that the digital rush came with Nikon “we-need-to-create-a-new-body-every-3months” ridicilous behaviour).
    Start taking pictures, print them at a nice size (and that means bigger than 10×15 or pixel peeping on your pc!).
    I’ve enlargements of 90×140 of X-Pro1 and X-T1 and work published in magazine worldwide with these cams.. I don’t need more and definitely disagree that “Fuji need to work fast to introduce 3rd generation of X-Trans sensor in the market to restore his users and gain market share.”

    My 2 cents..


  • Stoneysnapper

    Not too sure about almost two years between X-E2 and X-E3 when there was only one year between the E1 and E2 and with a new sensor to push I can’t see them waiting 6-9 months after the Pro2.

  • Hochzeitsfotograf Velbert

    I don`t need more pixels!
    A 16bit file, more dynamic range and/or higher native ISO is the way I would like to see Fuji to go in the future.
    Also a X100 with a 56mm fixed lens would be nice.

  • Bradley

    Fascinates me how it is so obvious to tell the real shooters from the hypesters. Selling hype, then buddy you better have blinkity lights and all manner of bells, beeps, and new editions every 6 months. Selling to real shooters, focus on glass (couldn’t avoid the pun)!

    Optics has more to do with what shooters want to see advanced, faster, sharper, more contrast, lighter, and faster focusing. Look at the 56mm 1.2, heck it’s not just fast it’s sharp as a tack wide open and edge to edge. We have had fast glass for decades, like Noctolux, but with all the features found in the 56mm. I would rather see more great glass than another body or sensor that I need a a mas-spectrometer to measure the improvement… Stop chasing pixels or trying to get manufacturers to do it.

  • DiBo

    As an early adopter I could only experience how the Fuji’s main intentions with the X-series were quite OK, but how disappointing the true R&D was and how the QC and after sales service was on level you can just expect from compact camera manufacturer. On top of that the AF was lagging about 5 yrs behind anything else on the market, even a lot cheaper gear. By the time Fuji will have a true mature pro-body line on the market with a compelling new (organic?) sensor – we can only fear that competition will have overtaken their share. To my feeling, the X-T1 & X100T were already a missed chance… if they would have been designed around a cutting edge 24MP APS/C sensor offering highest DR and ISO-competences in the market it could have been game-changers to remain for some time, with this aging Sony sensor stuff, Fuji X will be facing serious challenges to keep enough margin in the X-series. Take also in mind that the X-Pro2 just isn’t the concept that can generate a huge sales. What a pity, most of all because the glass excels so much.

  • Hypnotoad

    For what it’s worth, I have grown to love my X-pro1 over the two years I’ve had it, and the more I have it the more I love it. It takes time to fully appreciate our cameras but sadly, the way the market operates in a modern economy – most manufacturers aren’t going to give you that time!

    As long as the X-p2 retains the cameras ‘feel’ (I’m not talking retro here, just the way the camera gives off a special vibe somehow) and has a few AI/DR improvements, then I’m happy.

    Every camera has its technical/ergonomic low points, but I think this makes us more creative – gets us thinking about ways to overcome limitations making us more accomplished photographers. I think a lot of people want new gear in the hope that they will be able to produce incredible results instantly. In some cases this may be true, but to repeat something that’s been said all too often – it’s YOU who makes a GREAT image, not the camera.

    I really appreciate Fuji and what it does for people who are interested in the image (I chose this word carefully. There are many people who are more interested in ‘photography’ from a technical standpoint – “you can never have enough gear, because it’s gear that makes a great photo”). Like people who drive thoroughbred sports cars through conjested towns at 10mph thinking “wouldn’t it be great if this car had wings”, the market relies on these people.

    I shoot manual EVERYTHING, because of the fantastic images the camera produces. I’m sure it would be very easy for Fuji to churn out incremental issues of existing cameras, but Fuji is about something more than that. Anyone who admires the X cameras they produce will be willing to wait I’m sure, and the wait will be worth it. In the meantime shoot with what you have, because at some point not too far back you loved that camera, you really did…

  • Got my daughter an X E2 and I use a Cannon 7D with L series lenses (24 – 105 etc). So have been looking at my daughters pictures and when she lets me, I have a play with her X E2. I have noticed several things that have changed my view of the Fujifilm cameras.
    1 The X E2 is taken everywhere because its smaller than the Cannon, sometimes the bigger cannon is just too big and heavy.
    2 The in camera results from the X E2 are outstanding as are the film presets. They encourage creative photography and I presume because of the lack of noise reduction, the jpg’s are outstanding (way better than the Cannon).
    3 The manual input controls are stupidly fast to use (I would say this would apply to the T1 as well), these manual controls are much faster than entering a menu and the scrolling to find the function on a 7D… I had forgotten how much fun dialling in a change was – old style photography I suppose.
    4 16 megapixels print to A3 perfectly…. as does 35mm film…. I had forgotten that 16 Megapixels is the 35mm equivalent and is probably more than good enough for 99% of people…. who really needs 50 megapixels…. really. I would rather have a 16 megapixel sensor improved with better dynamic range and lower noise etc than have an increase in pixels. Certainly I would say that the Fujifilm sensor seems to me to have at least as much detail as my 7D (I presume because of the noise filter in the 7D)
    The reason I’m writing this is largely because of the chap who started talking about the T1 was a missed opportunity…. and it should have more mega pixels and whilst I don’t want to be rude, I do feel he is missing the point of what photography is about. Bar for very large poster sites, 24 megapixels or for that matter 50 aren’t needed. There is an argument for having large pixel counts to enable cropping etc…. but any descent photographer will generally want to get the framing right at the time… not shoot wide and then use Photoshop etc to then re frame the shot… post processing yes, post correcting poor framing no.
    There is a limit to what most people need, maybe 18 to 20 megapixel…. but really the most important things are low noise, improved colour rendition, better dynamic range… all of these are more important than huge resolutions improvements and I think Fujifilm have recognised this. My company does effects work for TV, Film and advertising so quality is everything for me and I love my daughters camera and what it stands for, so much so I’m seriously thinking of selling the 7D and all the L lenses.

  • George S

    I totally agree with Andrew Bishop on X-E2. But not only the camera body; Fujifilm produce fantastic lenses too.
    I own X-E2 and have three lenses:
    18-55 f2.8-4, 18-135mm F.35-5.6 and 35mm F1.4 all of them absolutely marvellous pieces of photographic glass.
    X-E2 totally replaced my Nikon D7000 and IMO, it performs better than Nikon.
    Of course, the main reason is that Fujifilm X-E2 is about 1/2 of the weight of Nikon gear.
    I am not saying that my X-E2 is a professional gear; what I am saying is that it performs as one.
    I am waiting for X-E3. I would like it to have articulated screen as X-T2 has and, yes, I would like it to be a more economical version of X-Pro2 with newest sensor and processor wit correspondingly better performance o/a.
    But I definitely want it to be as small and light as X-E2 (within reason).

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