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First Canon 5D Mark IV Image Leaked ?


Canon 5D Mark IV image

Red bull team member lee siver using Canon 5D Mark IV camera while working on windsurf.

We are not confirmed about this rumor since nothing is visible from the image, the camera is mounted on a rig and the model is not clearly visible to recognize its name.

Canon 5D Mari IV image

However the Instagram user and a member of Red Bull official team @lee_silver who uploaded this image it-self replied to a comment and said that “yep it is”.

We are excited and we are sure that the upcoming Canon 5D Mk IV will have super fast AF and advance Video mode as we have suggest earlier.

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Source – levi_siver | Via eosHD

6 comments to First Canon 5D Mark IV Image Leaked ?

  • ShutterBug

    I will pre-order 5 units of 5D Mark IV

    I am a professional shooter for more than 20 years and have a dedicated team of 20 staff photographers and a proud Canon user

  • Nikonuser

    I they are using a 5DMK 4 on RIP.. oh sorry RIG

  • stella

    LOVE U thenewcamera
    Thanks for sharing the information

  • Mike Menon

    Two possibility

    They are using Canon 1DX Mk II on rig

    or may be 7D Mk 2

    don’t take FB or insta comments too seriously

  • Wiredwolf


    I agree that never take inst or Fb comments seriously when people like u comment.

    Did you get the article ?

    He is not a regular instgram user, he is member of Red Bull official team.

  • I don’t know that top plate looks like a Nikon? Canon is rounder and the V shape in front of the hot shoe is a Nikon thing…

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