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Canon Testing New Fullframe DSLR

Canon-6D-Mark-II-Image Canon 6d mark II creative image

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web someone from Canon visited few professional studios in NYC with a new Fullframe body, according to the photographer(s) the new 22 MP full-frame sensor was showing excellent color output with lots of details… Image captured from the camera had to be processed in a particular laptop provided by Canon and no image were allowed to be retained. The camera is expected to arrive on Photokina 2014 or Q1 of 2015.

We have two possibility… either Canon 6D Mark II OR Canon 5D Mark IV coming…  the image resolution mentioned above is similar to the 5D Mark III and 6D DSLR sensor resolution, Canon may announce its new fullframe camera on Photokina show 2014 or Q1 of 2015.

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7 comments to Canon Testing New Fullframe DSLR

  • Oliver Gold

    I don’t think it can be a 6D, because 6D isn’t on the market for too long. Could be a new 5D, but I guess there’s some misinformation. I’d expect it the be the 7D Mark II… too many rumors for too long and the current 7D is really getting old – who is buying that still?

  • admin

    May be true… We also expect that 5D Mk IV camera may arrive soon… 7D Mk II also rumored to be announced on photokina 2014.

  • Pawan Jaidka

    Canon must come up with a FF with a large sensor to take on the competition. A 75+ mp with the latest AF system and geared towards videography as well. Anything under 50mp will not get professionals to convert to Canon. Canon has to think out of the box now. Sony and Nikon are already way ahead in the sensor game.

  • Gordon

    New 22MP sensor… Sounds to me like the always new 18MP APS-C sensors of the past. Canon is riding a dead horse to pieces. They ought to get rid of the beancounters high up. If that is an old 22MP sensor tech without substantially more DR and less shadow noise, who’s going to buy it ?

  • Charles

    I just want a better dynamic range and not too crazy high Mega pixels count Mr Canon. Thanks 😀

  • Canon 6D Mark II and 5D Mark IV I’ve reviewed the inside (behind the door ) you ain’t seen nothing yet. Since the 6D production was stopped a few months ago, 60D completely dropped the assembly lines totally geared up for the 60D Mark II, but will be later on in 2015. There are a few technical updates to be addressed. The 5D Mark IV, is a joke why hasn’t Canon faced the facts that CF cards are basically dead letter issue. Why did Canon put dual memory slots but still why have one Cf the other sd series. Hasn’t Canon figured out yet that finding CF cards has become very hard. So why have their pro series include CF slots ????????????

    The answer because Canon engineers can’t figure out how to achieve dual sd slots without big problems. All Pro cameras should have the capability to take the pictures and then send to a per say belt mounted solid state drive. Doing this would make that pro series camera ideal. It’s time Canon got off thinking making stuff that is old technology.

    But don’t do what Nikon is doing and that’s a whole different story, Nikon has entered the prehistoric age, each time they bring out a new item, it’s technology is let’s say still on the moon roover on the moon. Sony and it’s shutterless system, shame on you everyone knows that in the desert you always protect your eyes. After all loosing one’s sight means throw that camera body away. So let’s call basically an expensive throw away piece, once that unprotected sensor gets dirt forget doing anything with it. Better off opening a cracker-jack box and look for that very expensive toy inside.

  • Grizzz

    I would like to see a FF camera with 23 mp and able to shoot at least 10 fps for wild life photography. I would like that in the 5 or 6 D body. They don’t seem to have that much speed in anything but the 1Dx in FF. I don’t want medium format.

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