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Canon Said - Expect Big Things

In an interview to dpreview Canon representatives said that – “We want to surprise and astonish you, so please expect big things”. After the announcement of Canon EOS R camera, We have mixed reaction from professionals, EOS R isn’t the model PROS are waiting for. With Single card slot, no Built-in Image Stabilization and 1.74X crop in 4K video mode. The camera has failed to become the first choice for pros out there, however by introducing the EOS R camera canon has succeeded to stop the migration of Canon DSLRs users to other Mirrorless brands (specifically Sony) upto some extent.

Now let’s have a look at the Major parts of the interview

Future of EOS R system

“This is just the start of the system,”

“We want to surprise and astonish you, so please expect big things.”

Keeping the Compatibility with old Lenses (EF Lenses)

“it was difficult ensuring that compatibility. But we think that’s a big plus for the system.”

freedom they’ve gained in terms of optical design

“people who’ve been working on lenses for a really long time have, with this new system, been able to make lenses like the 28-70mm F2 comparably easily, compared to how they had so many challenges in the past.”

moving from eight communication channels to twelve

“During shooting there’s a massive amount of data going between the lens and the camera, so making sure that was smooth was another challenge,”

“During shooting there’s a massive amount of data going between the lens and the camera, so making sure that was smooth was another challenge,” says Kato. “By having that huge amount of data being transferred between the camera and lens, you can improve the general performance in relation to autofocus, metering and image stabilization. And you can also add features such as the control rings on the lenses.

We are waiting Canon, just bring it on.

source – dpreview

also see – Canon EOS R Teardown

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6 comments to Canon Said – Expect Big Things

  • Onno van Zijl

    It is unbelievable to see a big company like canon make such crap for the money canon R should cost only 1200$ no more it is about the same price drop on the M5 crap as well with the silly screen to the bottom , what ever how big company will write their own down fall !!! if they do not do the wright thing .

  • A Canon EOS high end Mirrorless camera for professionals can only be a real pro. Mirrorless Camera if it really supercedes Sony a9 or any upcoming Sony flagship Mirrorless camera in every aspect ie around 45 magapixel senser, around 15stop dynamic range, electronic and machanical silent shutters with 20 and 10 FPS respectively, in camera image stabilization, iOS noise controle much better than Nikon ranging from 64 to 64000 standing iOS expandable to 32-204800, no multifunction bar at-all, dual card slots is a must accepting CFast express cards. And much more.

  • Odin

    Well a cynic might say we were expecting big things and instead got a 6DII with a few 5D4 parts thrown in. They did do some things right and it’s a solid start, but the sensor is much more important for camera performance in mirrorless and unless they have Sony quality sensors, with fast read-out speeds and have the cpu power the cameras will always struggle. Their next camera has to be at least as good if not better than the A7RIII. It must have a 45MP+ BSI sensor, with at least 1/30s sensor read speed, 14+EV DR, IBIS, full eye-AF, dual digic 8, 8fps with tracking and AF at least as good but preferbaly than 5D4, options for 4K from either full sensor or 6K downsampled to 4K. I don’t think Canon and Nikon will have a A9 competitor for another 2 years at least. They will release 1DXIII and D6 first, probably next year ready for 2020 Tokyo Olympics, then work on mirrorless high-speed pro cameras.

  • subrato

    Canon will not survive in future if the they do all these things… people now have options… it’s not 1995 when we have only two camera giants…. wake up or sleep forever

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    100X100 according. A lot of 21st century technology but with conventional sensors. Being the sensor the ANGULAR STONE of the system, in short of the TODO, that to this day there is no SLR / MILC with BSI-CMOS technology besides shocking, it is disappointing.
    If Canon wants to live up to its competitors Sony and Nikon in state-of-the-art sensor technology, it will not wait for R-EVOLVE (Eos R) its CMOS.

    100X100 de acuerdo. Mucha tecnología del siglo XXI pero con sensores convencionales. Siendo el sensor la PIEDRA ANGULAR del sistema, en definitiva del TODO, que a día de hoy no exista una réflex/MILC con tecnología BSI-CMOS además de chocante, es decepcionante.
    Si Canon quiere estar a la altura de sus competidores Sony y Nikon en tecnología punta de sensores no se a que espera a R-EVOLUCIONAR (Eos R) sus CMOS.

  • I’ve been a loyal Canon user for 7 years now, I’ve been so disappointed with recent releases and feel that they are really falling behind now. I am seriously considering either Sony or Nikon at this point.

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