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Canon Patent - Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS III Kit Lens With Display Screen

TNC EXCLUSIVE Well have already seen Canon 55-200mm lens patent, Yes they are developing a new Zoom lens for Canon APS-C models. And now we have found a new 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Kit Zoom lens patent that clearly shows Canon is also working on a new kit Zoom Lens with improved AF performance and overall design of the lens.

The new lens also features a dedicated DISPLAY SCREEN as we have seen in patent Image.  First time on internet – You are looking at the patent image of Canon next 18-55mm Kit lens with display screen

Patent Details of Canon 18-55mm IS III Lens

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an interchangeable lens which prevents an image having many aberrations unintended by a photographer from being photographed when attached to an aberration correction incompatible camera in an aberration correction compatible lens. An interchangeable lens detachably mountable to a camera body includes a communication unit for communicating with a camera, a camera identification unit for detecting whether or not a camera mounted on the camera is an aberration correction compatible camera, and a camera identification unit And when the camera is identified as a camera, the camera is in a photographing impossible state. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION

Reference numeral 301 denotes a manual zoom ring, reference numeral 302 denotes a manual focus ring, reference numeral 303 denotes an AF / MF changeover switch, reference numeral 304 denotes an IS ON / OFF switch, and reference numeral 305 denotes a lens information display portion.

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2 comments to Canon Patent – Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS III Kit Lens With Display Screen

  • Salv

    27/28-XXmm (equiv.) lenses are so 1990’s – or today if they’re a tad sharp.

  • FluffyMailman

    An 18mm lens on Canon’s 1.6X APS-C sensor’s is equal to 28.8mm on FF. But that’s not half the problem. Super slow kit zooms like this are killing off the APS-C digital format. They don’t provide any way meaningful way to achieve out of focus backgrounds. I don’t know what Canon allows within their narrow blinders, but a achieving an out of focus background, or “bokeh,” is the number one feature selling billions of dollars worth of $1,000 cellphones.

    If it’s impossible to make a cheap, light f/2.8 zoom for APS-C then Canon might as well just wrap it up for good with their stale Rebel cameras. The only way people are going to be able to justify a $600 to $800 camera and kit lens package is if they’re able to achieve the “pro” look (featuring bokeh) that everyone else now expects to see in their photos.

    More than half of all APS-C camera buyers allegedly don’t go on to purchase a prime or even a better zoom once they have their packaged kit lens—so to throw this 29-88mm FF FoV (and f/5.6-9 FF DoF equivalent) lens at this crowd is almost insulting.

    There are relatively easy things that camera manufacturers can do to prolong their existence, and paying attention to what the market is demanding (in this case bokeh) and finding a way to offer it at a low price is the type of low hanging fruit that Canon (and others still designing these cheap garbage kit lenses) strangely refuse to pick…

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