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Canon M3 Fullframe Mirrorless with 30 MP Sensor

Canon Fullframe Camera Image

Well its not a rumor, its a prediction by Veteran photographer / Youtuber Tony Northup. He also did perfect predicitons in the past and so this time we Can’t ignore him.

According to him Canon will announce a Fullframe Mirrorless camera by having name M3 with same sensor as of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera and 4K (cropped as canon usually do).

At first Canon will announce 3 to 4 lenses for its FF Mirrorless camera along with a adapter for Canon DSLR lenses. The price of the upcoming camera is rumored to be somewhere around $3.4K.

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3 comments to Canon M3 Fullframe Mirrorless with 30 MP Sensor

  • Stella

    Canon looks serious about Mirrorless camera. And the best part is Canon DPAF tech is ready to backup Canon upcoming Mirrorless project.
    I am really excited to see …..

  • Rainer

    Stella, you’re exactly right on DPAF. Good thing for video and still AF. I’m exited to see; also.
    But… Did I miss a thing or “CANON M3” isn’t it the name of an APS-C mirrorless, already existing?

  • Odin

    Well we all know Canon and Nikon have mirrorless FF coming at next Photokina, but I really doubt the specs. What benefit will this bring over 5D4, other than being a bit lighter. They need to go well beyond this IMO and no more crappy 4K please.

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