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Canon G7X mark III Images - Real of Fake ? We want to know your thoughts ?

Canon G7X Mark III image

Before we being let me tell you that I want to believe the images we have recieved are real, I also want to believe the Canon G7X Mark III camera coming with New DPAF sensor, 4K video and external Mic support.

The big question is the images we have received are real of fake ?

So, first time on internet we are posting high resolution leaked images of the Canon G7X Mark III camera without any watermark. So, you can download and see for yourself and let us know what you think about the images ?

Canon G7X Mark III High Resolution Images Direct Link

See Canon G7X Mark III images for yourself clearly in high resolution, they have no watermark and do let us know what you think about them.

Post your thoughts on the comment box below

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12 comments to Canon G7X mark III Images – Real of Fake ? We want to know your thoughts ?

  • Nimai

    100% real
    From any angle I son’t think its a fake Image… it’s look completely real

  • Joe

    I want to believe this image to be real
    I am vlogger and I need camera like G7X Mk III

  • Timothy McClanahan

    It shows a screen that tilts only; that is exactly the level of stupid Canon would do, so the pix seem credible.

  • Stella

    A very experienced designer made this. Hat’s off…

  • If it has the same soft lens as the other recent G series, it won’t matter.

  • subrato1988

    Well I think this is completely fake


    Since, it’s not possible for Canon to bring 4K in compact @ 2018

    Yes it’s possible only when….

    Canon sell its camera division to Sony

    That’s all

  • André

    It is a fake because of these reasons:
    -adding 4k to a camera like this completely against Canons philosophy. It is not even in a 80d. They think that for vlogging HD is sufficient.
    -why would there be ‘mark iii’ written on the tilt screen??? It id already on the front.
    -It is not on Canon style. Other symbols, other buttons, to slick. It is too different, while it is always said that Canon is the very best in practical design.
    So why change?

  • songliner

    I think its a fake.
    The design is 110 % Sony. The specs are 100% Sony and the message of the rear display is absolutely clear. No doubt. This is not a Canon ; )

  • songliner

    Looks like a typical Sony, has Sony DNA & Sensor.
    The only Canon features are white letters.
    I am afread this is a fake.

  • CameraGuy

    Well the images look completely real… If they are fake then Canon should hire the CAD designer who made this image.

  • Jonathan

    I agree with other comments that it looks like a Sony not Canon styling at all. Very good work though.

  • Carlito Galleta

    When is this Canon G7x M3 coming?

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