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Canon G1X Mark III Rumors

Canon G1X Mark II image

We are getting a lot of question by users – Should they buy Canon G1X Mark II or wait for Canon G1X Mark III ? Well as we all know that Canon updates its compacts camera in every one or two years. So we can expect a new camera soon since the update of G1X Mk 2 is overdue.

Canon G1X Mark II was announced on Feb, 12th 2014. The age of the current camera is approx 2 years, 6 months. But, if we look at the Canon G1X product life cycle it was only 2 year and 1 month. It directly means Canon G1X Mark III announcement is inevitable.

We have received some information in past, but it’s a very long gap and we haven’t got any rock solid information related to G1X Mk3 from our sources or other rumor mills.

We expect Canon will announce Canon G1X Mark III camera in Photokina event or in the first quarter of 2017. Canon also working on APS-C sensor based compact camera and we may see few big surprises in near future.

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5 comments to Canon G1X Mark III Rumors

  • Tokajilover

    What will be sold in future? imho: only compact (light), mirrorless (less shake), large sensor (full frame), cheap (let’s say under 800$).
    Phones are stealing all chances for cameras and pics are decent enough for most.
    With smaller quantity, prices will be hard to keep low, and with higher prices, sold quantities will drop even further.
    So i beleve, manufactures should bring large sensor – small bodies better earlyer (don’t tell me it’s impossible – had a tiny contax t3 and it was “full-frame”)
    the longer they wait – the earlier that industry will go down. sadness

  • Steve

    Hoping to see the G1X III announced in the next couple weeks.

    Would the G1X III likely have the largest sensor of the PowerShot lineup as it does now?

  • etudiant

    Compact full frame means very modest zoom, maybe 24-80mm.
    So essentially a scene capturing device, just like phone shots, but with much better image quality.
    That seems like a narrow foundation for a business.

  • Maria

    I am waiting on either the Canon G1X III or the Panasonic LX200.

    Anyone else considering both of these?

  • John

    Any update on the status of this camera?

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