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Canon 75MP Camera Sensor Rumor Surfaced Again


We have got hints back on 2013 that Canon is working on High resolution camera prototypes with 75MP sensor. Now, after 5 years of gap the 75MP Canon camera bumped again. We are again getting hints about Canon 75MP sensor coming inside Canon EOS RS Mirrorless Camera, take a look at the details below

Canon 75MP Camera Sensor Rumor Specification

  • 75MP dual pixel CMOS full-size sensor
  • a special ultra-high-resolution mode of up to 400MP by the sensor shift
  • but camera shake correction in the body is first installed, not excellent so –
  • the target of the camera landscape photographer
  • Continuous shooting slows up to 5-6 frames /
  • sec.-Very nice EVF like Panasonic’s full size machine-
  • Dual card slot-
  • Use non SD media for speed-
  • New Canon film emulation mode

The rumor is coming from a new source to take with a grain of salt.

Of-course sensor technology moved to a new dimension in last 5 years, from CMOS to BSI-CMOS and now Stacked CMOS with Dram chip and Sony will be introducing new range of AI sensor in near future.

Canon is still using CMOS sensor on their DSLR and Mirrorless that’s why despite of having world best AF system, Canon camera are lagging behind the competition when we talk about dynamic range and low-light performance. They should adopt new sensor technology before moving to a higher resolution sensor.

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5 comments to Canon EOS RS with 75MP Sensor Coming

  • ZOlegGontar

    I have a question for long time. Why manufacturers not implementing sensor tilting, to have “tilt lens” with everything? It is exactly the same what the ultra high resolution does what is essentially the shift function of the lens.

  • If your stock market value plunders and your sales reach a new low, if Sony is the market leader and presents A7R4, yeah, it’s time to show that 75MPixel sensor you’ve been developing for 100 years.

    Canon and Nikon cannot be saved. They will present some kind of Dinosaur and they will set the price to a ridiculous value, like they are the only players in the market. And after 6 months, they will wonder – again – what went wrong.

    It’s Sony you stupid!

  • Guy Hebert

    Who needs 75MP???? And how much will it cost? Will need to change your computer to deal with the size of those monstrous files. I wonder where the market is going…

  • Rajesh

    I am waiting Canon EOS RS 75mp

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    It seems incredible that today we continue in Canon without the most basic BSI technology in its CMOS, with the benefits and improvements it offers in the final result of the image. Does anyone understand it? While the competition presents it years ago. And then they are surprised that sales do not add up. Shrimp that falls asleep, it carries current. Logical.

    Parece mentira que a día de hoy sigamos en Canon sin la tecnología más básica BSI en sus CMOS, con los beneficios y mejoras que ofrece en el resultado final de la imagen. Alguien lo entiende ¿??. Mientras la competencia lo presenta hace años. Y luego se extrañan que las ventas no suman. Camarón que se duerme,se lo lleva la corriente. Lógico.

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