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Canon EOS RP to Use LP-E17 Battery

According to latest rumors coming from trusted sources, the camera will use Canon LP-E17 battery. The battery is of 1040 mAh capcitiy. One of the most important thing is,

1. Canon EOS R 1865 maAh Battery Life is not so good (370 shots per charge)

Canon EOS R camera uses uses a LP-E6N Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 7.2 VDC, 1865 mAh . And the Canon EOS R 1865 mAh battery is allow you to capture 350 – 370 shots per charge.

2. EOS RP Rumored to use 1040 mAh battery

So, if Canon added a lower power 1040 mAh  battery Canon LP-E17 to the upcoming EOS RP Mirrorless then they will sure create a camera with terrible battery life that no one wants to buy.

And the second option is, they have find a way to make a more energy efficient camera (as we have seen in past, camera makers are now interested in making more energy efficient cameras. Nikon D3500 is gives you 500+ shots with same battery that Nikon D3400 was using). So, there is big possibility that Canon manages to give more shot-per-charge camera compared to EOS R, by removing the touch bar etc and adding new circuits.

Things to note In general Canon LP-E17 is being used in – EOS M3, M5, M6, Rebel SL2, Rebel T6s, Rebel T6i, Rebel T7i, and 77D

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We will update you more once we get the more details of the upcoming camera.


Canon 850D / T8i, Canon G7X Mark III and 2 More Announcement Come in next few months…

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2 comments to Canon EOS RP to Use LP-E17 Battery

  • Dave Haynie

    Yikes. That’s a consumer battery, not the pro/prosumer battery. And one designed for a DSLR, not a power hungry mirrorless! Yeah, Sony used on in their A7 series, but you don’t win copying Sony’s bad habits. The rumor says the EOS RP will be about 3x the price of an EOS M6!

    It is typical Canon to cripple a lower-end model in stupid ways, with the idea of preventing competition with the higher-end model. But that only works if there’s no other competition in the industry. Right now, today, Sony A7II with lens for $999… and 45 lenses. Canon’s first job is getting Canon DSLR users to switch to Canon mirrorless, since they can’t really convince people without a big bag full of EOS EF/EF-S lenses to jump to EOS R until there are a good selection of RF lenses. Which of Canon’s current customers does this attract? Is this supposed to make Rebel users jump up?

  • admin

    @Dave Haynie

    Absolutely agree with you.

    We are waiting confirmed set of information before putting any new set of low-credible rumors online. Since, Even we are not able to believe that Canon can do such a silly mistake.

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