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Canon 90D Coming in Late 2018

Canon 90D image

Canon 90D camera is rumored to arrive sometime in late of 2018. And this year we also have photokina at Sept 2018. So, We are expecting the arrival of Canon 90D camera on Aug / Just prior to the event OR during the event / Sep of 2018.

Canon 90D camera will get a completely new sensor with advance DPAF system.  One of the most important thing is Canon 90D camera sensor will be exclusive and it won’t going to used inside next generation of Rebels or Mirrorless cameras.

At the end we don’t have word about the introduction of 4K in Canon XXD lineup.

Well, its a great news and we are also expecting Canon Mirrorless announcement during Photokina of 20185. So, it will be nice to see how Canon manages everything this year.

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3 comments to Canon 90D Coming in Late 2018

  • Vladimir Ulm

    So, you think Canon is stupid enough to release 90D AFTER summer vacations? If I buy a camera ( which I will ) this year, why would I wait? I’m sure it will be a great camera, but is it that much better than Lumix GH5 or Sony A7R II with full sensor? Since 80D without 4K is $ 1000 body only, I assume 90D will be $ 1500 body only. Is it worth the wait? I know GH5 has continuous focus problems, but I don’t do wedding photography. A7R II is $ 2000, but with full frame it’s worth those five hundred bucks more than what will 90D probably cost, unless you have bunch of Canon lenses laying around, than it’s worth the wait.

  • subrato

    I am waiting for Canon 90D camera too. I am a rebel series user and wanted to to go with 6D Mk II but after looking at the dynamic range test score of the 6D II vs 80D … I dropped the plan to purchase 6D II series camera and my budget is bit limited to get hands on 5D series camera.

    So. I am waiting for Canon 90D with a hope that it will not have a limited 4K mode as of EOS M50.

  • I am also waiting for the 90D and agree 100% with Vladimir!!
    SONY is killing us with there new releases! I need the 60 fps, 4K and the increased mp. please RELEASE THIS CAMERA ASAP CANON!!

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