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Canon 5D Mark IV Coming with 32MP Sensor [Rumor]

Canon 5D Mark IV coming with 32 MP sensor

According to latest rumors floating over the web Canon 5D Mark IV is coming with 32 MP Fullframe sensor that will have a 24 MP mode. The 24 MP mode may be used for capturing low-light shots. The announcement is expected on August 2016 or at Photokina event, the shipping of the camera will start from October.

Take a look at the refreshed rumored specification of the camera till now

  • 23MP sensor / 24.2MP mode
  • 61 AF Points (41 cross-type)
  • DIGIC 7+ (Single)
  • 7fps
  • ISO 100-51,200 (expandable options)
  • 3.2″ touchscreen LCD
  • CFast/SD card slots
  • Wifi built-in
  • GPS built-in
  • BG-E20 battery grip
  • LP-E20 battery
  • Slight weight reduction

However the the 32MP sensor information is coming out from a low credible source so take it with a pinch of salt.

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source –[CR1]

6 comments to Canon 5D Mark IV Coming with 32MP Sensor [Rumor]

  • Josh Franks

    There is a typo in the spec list.

    it should be 32 MP sensor rather than :

    23MP sensor / 24.2MP mode

  • Sounds crappy. So many years and no improvements

  • admin

    Thanks Josh

  • Andre Shiwa

    for at least 5 years Canon showing to the customers that is not capable to move forward like the concurrents, every trlease is a bullshit with ridiculous improvements.
    I have a suggestion for Canon: stand the hands and aske for help to Sony.
    In some time, Sony will put the other companies in the end of the queue.

  • JLC

    Andre Shiwa, I feel your frustration, but Sony is not putting Canon or Nikon in the “end queue”. You don’t see Sony cameras at all these sporting events, it’s Canon and Nikon. Sure, Canon could probably throw a heap of technology into one camera, but they’re not likely to. If you like Sony mirrorless cameras that much, you should sell your Canon gear and join the Sony family. 🙂

  • Andre Shiwa

    You’re talking about sports events, and what about the other photography areas? More than that, you’re talking about EOS 1Dx, and probably the passion for Canon. I can unserstand, I was a Canon lover too. I’m talkin about image quality and below EOS 1Dx none of the Canon cameras can beat the image quality of the latest in Sony A7 line. I own the EOS 1Dx, and also 5D Mk III and A7 II, the A7II image quality is really superior.
    I’m using Canon gear for 32 years, Is sad but if Canon still releasing cameras with no real image quality improvements, bye bye Canon. Few years ago, I complete ignoring Sony cameras, but now they are a fact, they’re coming.

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