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Canon 200D II vs Panasonic G95 - Best Camera for Video in 2019

We all know Canon APS-C sensor have a crop factor of 1.6X and M4/3 format sensor have crop factor of 2X when compared to Fullframe sensor.
But when we are recording 4K videos with Canon 200D II we are getting 1.6X additional crop and a total of 2.56X crop (When compared with 35mm / Fullframe sensor) and when we are using M4/3 format based of Panasonic G95 camera we are getting 1.25X additional crop and a total of 2.5X crop (when compared with a 35mm / Fullframe sensor).

Canon 200D II vs Panasonic G95 – Sensor Area Utilized While Creating 4K videos

Canon 200D II with 2.56X Crop and Panasonic G95 with 2.5X Crop

So, literally same sensor area is being utilized while creating 4K video with Panasonic G95 or Canon 200D II | 250D | SL3.

Type of AF Available While Creating Videos

Camera Name Canon 200D II Panasonic G95 / 90
Full HD

DPAF – Dual Pixel CMOS AF

3975 AF Points grouped in 143 AF zones


Contrast Detection: 49 AF points

4K Contrast Based AF


Contrast Detection: 49 AF points

With Canon 200D II camera we will be getting DPAF in Full HD video mode and Contrast based AF system gets activated when we switch to 4K video mode. In Panasonic We don’t have any option of Hybrid AF in Panasonic G95 / G90 camera. Either in Full HD or 4K we will be getting Contrast based AF system.

Image Stabilization

Camera Name Canon 200D II / SL3 Panasonic G95
Image Stbailization Digital IS + Optical IS [upto 5 Stops]  Sensor Shift + Optical IS [Upto 5.5 Stops]

Panasonic do also offer V-log support and a headphone jack in the camera but limited to 8bit. With Canon 200D II you can get 4:2:2 10-Bit files via HDMI.

Price Difference

Camera Name Canon 200D II / SL3 Panasonic G95
Body + kit lens $649 at B&H $1197 at B&H Store

Most Usable Camera for Video Purpose ?

Canon 200D II for sure, since we are getting blazing fast AF in Full HD video mode, the AF performance of Canon 200D II will remain better compared to Panasonic G95 due to its enhanced DPAF system. Panasonic 4K mode also suffers from  excessive crop and limited AF performance as we canon 200D II / SL3 camera.

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4 comments to Canon 200D II vs Panasonic G95 – Best Camera for Video in 2019

  • Santiago

    At a 2.5 crop factor compared to a full frame, the area used for video by the G95 is slightly bigger than the area used by the 200D II, at 2,56 crop factor compared to full frame. The illustration used does not reflect this fact. The crop shown on the 4/3 sensor is not the correct 1.25 crop, is probably a 1.6 crop.

  • B. Prancer

    Yeah, one is .06x bigger. lol These are recording on Super 16 size sensors… So I guess you can forg et wide shots, unless you get pretty clever. This is Blackmagic Pocket 1 size (which is a much better camera Gotham these, even in 1080).

  • admin

    Panasonic is using 0.06x more area compared to Canon (2.56 vs 2.50), literally that little space doesn’t make any difference.

  • Santiago

    My point is that the red rectangle draw over the 4/3 sensor to ilustrate the area used in video, ought to be the same or very slightly larger than the rectangle draw over the aps-c sensor. The rectangle draw over the 4/3 sensor corresponds to a 1.6 crop and not to a 1.25 crop as you said. In both sensors the area used by video is practically the same, so the rectangles ought to be the same or even very slightly bigger the one on the 4/3 sensor.

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