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BAD NEWS: No Nikon Mirrorless Soon ?

Nikon Mirrorless camera image

Ok, someone today posted a big BAD NEWS that no Nikon Mirorless camera is coming at least in CP plus show. Why, because in general we get lots of leaks and information prior to the announcement of of any camera.

Even the Japanese rumors mills look completely dry they didn’t have any information related to¬† Nikon Mirorless camera.

No Nikon Mirrorless at CP+ Show

It is possible that Nikon may remain silent and Sir Thom hogan and Rumor mills predication goes wrong this time, So let’s have a look at the list of possibilities

  1. Nikon is doing work under ultra-secure system and no one knows what coming
  2. Nikon will do nothing / Or
  3. We may see some sort of development announcement (a plastic prototype under mirror cage)

So, its now time to relax in your chair and wait and watch for next alert. For that Stay with us on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ to get live news + rumors 24X7

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3 comments to BAD NEWS: No Nikon Mirrorless Soon ?

  • Gene Rodrigues

    Based on past experiences, Nikon and Canon seem to be still caught up in this odd manufacturer mentality left over from the seventies where they think they can ration out new features in their camera lines while continuing to hold on to their customer audience. Whatever they do, they need to start innovating again and undergo an attitude change to prevent doom from companies like the Sony juggernaut who are actively trying to achieve higher market share. Fujifilm came out of nowhere with attractive products and I am seeing many of my professional friends jumping on their bandwagon either fully or partially.

    I fully expect to see Nikon and Canon stumble and fumble a bit longer until they realize mirrorless technology is the future.

  • CameraGuy

    Not a good news either.. canon will remain sleeping

  • John

    @Gene Rodrigues: According to Thom Hogan, Canon is #2 in worldwide mirrorless market share. Asia buys more mirrorless cameras than The Americas and Europe combined, and Canon M apparently sells well there.

    As for CP+,Canon will be bringing the M50. It may not be glamorous, but it should be good and affordable.

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