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Why Sony Is ignoring A-mount Series ?


Will it be fair to believe that Sony is overlooking the production of A-Mount cameras? We’ll find it a much true upto a certain point. By the way, No need to describe the position of Sony in the imaging world, a royal corporate, better known for providing innovative and latest new products. But one thing we find hard to swallow is why Sony constantly keeps on ignoring the SLT series or A-mount cameras? And this very thing has forced us to write something to find out the cause of their ignorance.


Announcement date SLT/A-mount Mirrorless FE/E-mount cameras
Sep 2012 Sony A99
No A99 update arrive till now after its announcement
May 2014 Sony A77 II Sony A5100
The Sony A77 II was the SLT camera announced on May 2014
Aug 2014 Sony A7 II( full frame)
 Nov 2014  Sony A7 R II
Sep 2015 Sony A7s II

If you remember, Sony A77 II, may be the last camera built with SLT/A-mount, which was announced in May 2014. After A77 II, Sony brought one after one cameras but these all were mirrorless.

Sony A99 II update is due and users are waiting it for a long time. We do have lots of rumors related to A99 II but no confirmed information from Sony.

Recently, the back to back hit of Sony are its A7S II and Sony A7R II, but the one which influenced more is Sony A7R ii, sketched over complete and much more innovative specifications having the 399 AF system along with amazing 42.4 mp of resolution but at last it’s also full-frame mirrorless camera.

You know, thousands and thousands of users are searching answers about the putting a full stop to the A-mount production but Sony feel better to keep their mouth shut.

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We are with Sony SLT users and we strongly recommend Sony to match the update frequency of SLT series with it’s Mirrorless series. Share this article in your social handle, Websites and forums.

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7 comments to Why Sony Is ignoring A-mount Series ?

  • It isn’t just about selling bodies for Sony. It is also about selling lenses and accessories and last but not least selling lenses. Yes, I did list lenses twice. What does the A mount have the E mount does not? A huge market of used Minolta/Sigma/Tokina/Tamron lenses. Many of these lenses out there are better than ones being made now…so what better way to not compete with the used market, then to not make a camera that can use one of those lenses. Now Sony doesn’t want to completely cut off its nose to spite its face so adapters are available to use A mount lenses wit E mount cameras, for a hefty price if you want all the features of the A mount lens to work on your A7x. However that is a small trade off to sell more e-mount lenses, which in my opinion, do not match the quality of many Sony/Minolta A mount lenses. I happen to own eight of them that I use with my A57 and my A77II.

  • NLK

    Admin, you should post this to Sonyalpharumors, Dyxum and various Sony Facebook user groups and Sony’s own forums, this way it gets more attention and possibly get Sony themselves to think about it. Actually many long term Alpha users that came from Minolta are not happy with this (I’m one of them) and many will leave if A mount is dropped.

  • NLK

    Actually, it might be good to start a petition about this…

    Thing is, even Pentax is pushing in their DSLR market with FF coming, yet they are doing much worse than Sony before. Plus, FE and E mount is still short on lenses, ergonomics, Tele lens development, bartery life… So many things are problematic with the FE system … Thus Sony should not drop A mount which is more mature has less problems.

    What Sony need is more firmware updated on A mount supporting A99 and A77II adding features and tweaking performance Abd STOP being a joke on A mount lens updates- doesn’t matter how good the lenses are already, they need more than just coating, SSM and cosmetic update, real optical improvements are needed.

  • oleg gontar

    Well, Sony has announced that they will focuse on ff cameras. On the other hand, they have lot of experiences with milc machines. Why would they bother with dslr? What is more painful for me that a6100/7000 is not announced yet, and I couldn’t see any rumors since 11th of Sept, when they was supposed to announce it. In exchange we got a rumour, that an rx1 mark2 will come. So I guess they will surprise us, as they will have different market mile stones then we expected. Like a cheap version of a7 milc family, etc.

  • NIKO

    Though I am impressed with Sony’s E-Mount I still prefer my A-Mount cameras and lenses. Digitally, I started out with the KM Maxxum 5D. Later, I moved to the Sony A700. Two of them in fact. I didn’t bother with any other cameras and concentrated on getting better glass. That is until the A77II finally came out. I didn’t mind the change of the hot shoe. However, I couldn’t pass up this camera due to the obvious advancements it had compared to my A700’s.

    In any case, dropping this line would be a mistake. Smaller mirrorless cameras are all fine and dandy. E-Mount may have reached “Pro” grade with the A7x. However, E-Mount cameras will never be as well balanced tools as their larger A-Mount brothers; the A99 or the A77II. Yes, A-Mount is heavier, but it has some great pro grade lenses which even if E-Mount had they would be just as big making the E-Mount camera rather clumsy to handle; even with a vertical grip attached to help get it more balanced with the lens.

    I’ll agree that A-Mount doesn’t need many models. Keep a 5 series (entry level), 7 series (Semi-Pro level) and a 9 series (Pro Level). Maybe even 2 cameras per series. The point is these cameras do not need replacements every damn year nor minor do nothing improvements that Canon seems to love to do practically every year. Every 2-3 years have a new model for each series to replace the old with some significant improvements. New flashes to come out as well as continually coming out with both new lenses to add to the line and improved replacements. This couldn’t be hard for Sony to do. Also, get some real advertising out there on TV like Canon and Nikon have done. Not just magazine commercials.

    These are great cameras. Show people that they are! Remember the old ad, “Only from the minds of Minolta?” Well, currently Sony has done the most improvements and has had innovative ideas where the other camera makers have not. How about a mirrorless A-Mount camera when on sensor phase detect AF is perfected?

  • Gustavo

    The Sony policy is erratic. in a few years creates a complete family of SLT cameras and then forget them. No ad new cameras but draws new A-mount lenses of professional quality.
    E-mount cameras have neither the grip nor the autonomy of the SLT are simply not comparable they are different.
    Sony should keep three or four A-Mount cameras (A-5x / A7x and A9X)
    If Sony A-mount leaves, simplemete would not pass the E-Mont me go for a Nikon or Canon

  • Barry Knight

    i have a song a77 and have been waiting for sony to announce a new camera.
    Since reading this article i have place all my sony gear on Gumtree and have placed an order on a canon 5d.
    bye bye sony…thats what you get for screwing customers around.

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