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Why I am worried about Canon 90D Successor Name

Now let’s talk about why I am worried about the Canon 90d successor name, the Canon 90D camera isn’t out it yet, but if you’re going to look at the name cultural then it’s bit easy to predict the name of Canon Future camera(s). But, We already have Canon 100D camera, so are sure that Canon will going re-name the XXD series in near future, because they have no other option left.

It all Started with Canon D30

Yes, its all started with Canon D30 camera. The Canon D30 was a 3.1 megapixel megapixel APS-C camera designed and developed for professional photographers back in 2000. Canon D30 was the first Cannon homegrown DSLR camera, prior to that Canon while developing digital cameras in contract with the Kodak.

The Canon D30 was replaced by Canon D60 in February 22 2002. The Canon D60 was first Canon APS-C camera with 6.3 megapixel resolution sensor, but not compatible with the Canon EF S lenses. Designed and developed for semi professional users.

Canon DXX Series Name Changed to Canon XXD in 2003

Back to 2003 Canon changed the name of its Semi-pro DSLR series for Canon D60 to Canon 10D.  Canon re-named its semi-pro series after Canon D60 and Canon 10d introduced in the market on February 27 2003. Which was also a 6.3 megapixel camera compatible with Canon EF lenses. After that we have the first Canon semi professional body Canon 20D that was comfortable with Canon EF-S lenses and arrived with enhanced Core specification.

Change in name again expected

We all are waiting for Canon 90d camera. And expecting a big upgrade in the Core specification when compared with the Canon 80d.  But at the same time we already have Canon 100D (entry level) camera so after Canon 90D change in Series model name will become imminent.

As we have already seen in the past that can and has changed the name of Canon semi Pro apsc DSLR lineup and introduced Canon 10D as a successor of Canon D60.  So its quite logical to expect the change in name.

Do share your thoughts with us.

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11 comments to Why I am worried about Canon 90D Successor Name

  • Odin

    Why just single Canon out for their naming. Nikon is the same or worse. We have D500 and D600, where does the D500 end up, D550, then what. We have D750 and D850, where does the D750 end up. They have both backed themselves into a corner. At least with the 7D, 5D and 1D they use mark x and can potentially continue forever and not have issues. 5D mk X etc.

  • Ishmita

    Well Canon is always good with names…

    So.. we may see Canon 80D Mark II in near future … ?

  • Rainer

    don’t worry, be happy 🙂

  • Santiago

    The Canon D30, with 3.1Mp sensor, is from the year 2000 and not from the year 2006 as ststed in your article. My regards.

  • admin


  • subrato

    If Canon uses the leftover digits.. for example 91D, 92D .. they still can release 10 More semi pro models

  • 91D, 92D etc.
    That will keep them going until well after the DSLR is a curio to 99% of people, something from a bygone age.

  • Stella

    Hey guys, start counting from Canon 81D… 90D isn’t out yet

  • Well it is quite easy to be explained, actually.

    You see, if you’re such a Canon fan as you claim to be you would know that Canon is in the workings of professional mirrorless cameras. I believe there WILL be a Canon 90D. And yet I also believe that it would be the last of this class with this name. What comes next is a new classification which would correspond to the new type of Pro and Semi-Pro mirrorless cameras.

    I believe that Canon were also quite aware when they created 100D in 2012-2013 that in three years there would have a mirrorless alternative and there you go you had EOS M5 in 2016.

    Now the question would be if there is a M5 which is more like 100D, what would be more like 90D. It’s all matter of features actually. I don’t see that big of a difference in size or something globally changed. And since next year or even this we will have a full frame mirrorless body it is definitely not a very complicated question to be answered.

    I hope you got the answer to your title. DSLRs are thing of the past. Screens which are already touch are good enough to be used instead of that little window which will was always making the camera body so bulky. I catch myself so often using the screen for one thing and am always sorry for not having it articulating (5D4 here).

    In the end you just need to connect the dots that all. 😉

  • Gjermund Lingås

    I’m just here to remind everyone that Canon did release a Eos 20Da ;). Not that I think the next one in the XXD line will be called 80Da. I think the next one will be called 90D. What will happen after that I’m not sure. Some believe that mirrorless will pretty much replace dslr. So we might not see another camera in the XXD line after “90D”. If we do, I imagine it will be either a 90Da or 90DmkII.

  • jack parsons

    The Eos 20da and the Eos 60da were canons astronomy modified cameras of which the 60da I use for astro imageing.

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