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Sony A7R II vs. Canon 1D X


The Sony A7R II s a mirrorless camera with small size and weight, on the other hand we have big-bulky Canon beast with class leading core specification….

Major Difference

Sony Alpha 7R II vs. Canon EOS-1D X Specification Comparison Table. 

Sony Alpha 7R II vs. Canon EOS-1D X 3

Megapixels: – As we know the Sony A7R II has already declared as the world’s first fastest full frame camera recently. Here we see there is much difference in the resolution between SonyA7R II and Canon EOS -1DX. SonyA7R II has comparatively more than two times resolution than Canon EOS -1DX.
Due to high resolution it favored as the world’s first back-illuminated full-frame sensor 42.4 MP Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor and BIONZ X Image Processor, it is undoubtedly superior to Canon EOS -1DX ‘s 18.1MP CMOS sensor when used at base ISO range.

ISO – The Sony A7R II ISO range is limited to 102400, on the other hand the Canon 1DX ISO features ISO range of 204800, the more ISO range will sure help you get cleaner low-light images compared to A7R II.

Image Stabilization:- Sony A7R II is equipped with a 5-axis SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization system. Due to presence of this system, the users can feel relax during shooting of still images and videos and need not to worry about camera shake. The inclusion of such system also gives them the opportunity to adopt any type of lenses even adapted lenses, for imagery. The system offers about 4.5 stops of shutter speed during shooting different varieties of subjects.
It’s all the 5 axis of stabilization system runs every time, even if the users used with third –party lenses and adapters.
In case of long focal length, its image stabilization system automatically corrects for pitch and yaw adjustments
The image stabilization is absent in Canon EOS -1DX.

AF Points:- Sony A7R II is based on Fast Hybrid AF with 399 Phase-Detect Points. The 399 on-sensors phase-detect AF points gives you coverage of 45% screen and also it added with 25 contrasts-detect AF points which are sufficient for ultra-fast AF speed and high accuracy.. The Canon EOS -1DX offers 61-Point High Density Reticular AF which includes an Offset Array Sensor which helps to deliver with better accuracy, at the end in AF number game Canon is behind and be sure it will affect its performance also.

Continuous shooting speed –  The Canon 1DX features ultra fast 14fps continuous shooting speed with Full time AF support, the Sony A7R II is limited to 5fps only.


Video: The Sony A7R II can record 4K videos and also you can enjoy the blazing fast AF speed while recording the 4K video thanks to the newly developed Hybrid CMOS AF system, the camera can also record high speed videos, HD 1280 x 720p videos up to 120 fps.  The Canon 1DX is limited to Full HD video recording only and Phase AF support isn’t available at Video mode.

Connectivity – The Sony A7R II features WiFi and NFC on the other hand the 1DX doesn’t have such feature.

Verdict: The Canon 1DX is an excellent too for still shooters, a prefect balance of different technologies, Sony A7R II looks like a complete package.. but the biggest lack is less lenses is available to choose from.

Finally the Time has arrived when Canon should bring a new prime machine that will create a new benchmark in-terms of performance.

Undoubtedly Sony A7RII camera features more better core specification compared to Canon 1DX Mark II camera.

Sony A7R II is finally available for pre-order at Amazon and B&H

13 comments to Sony A7R II vs. Canon 1D X

  • 290 images per charge? Sony is far from being a winner of anything.

  • I still have to laugh at comments like “bellorusso”‘s lol

    I teach one on one classes to Canikon pros daily, every time one shows up with the battery claim, I hand them a Sony camera and CHALLENGE them to take less than 800 shots on a charge, doing anything they can think of.

    It’s more typical they give up at 1200 shots and have to admit the battery life stats don’t make any real world sense.

    I routinely get 1800+ on the a7s, over 2000 on the a6000.

    Sony is cleaning clocks and racking notches.

  • John

    How about comparing some apples and oranges?

  • Inge Wallumrød

    i try to figure out why you compare a tomato with an apple. Totally useless to compare a pro tool for wildlife, sports and more with a small toy with no optics. Why?

  • Dimon

    It’s funny to see over and over how these aborigines rating optical viewfinder better than digital. Wake up clowns it 21st century over there!

  • Nizmo

    Hey, worried tomato,apple,orange,banana etc. clowns. Read this: Sony A7R II Doing Awesome Performance with Canon Lenses

  • admin

    Thanks Dimon for the alert, actually my editor is 55 year old photographer who love’s optical viewfinder… I will ask him to correct the article

  • Failed Baggins

    Use a Canon 1D X and a Sony a7r for formal work. A Canon 1D X on a tripod is superior to an a7r however, the a7r is superior handheld but you do have to carry 2 or 3 extra batteries. For photo journalism (which is a sideline when I need extra income)I use a Sony a6000 and a Sony a7s. I used to use Canon exclusively but have found that the image quality coupled to size and weight of the Sony system wins out when running around looking for scenes and frames. If you look at development philosophy you can see that Sony are looking at those who run about for the Sony system rather than use a tripod!

  • Marcus

    No doubt. The A7R II is a very good camera and the AF-performance with Canon lenses is superb. You get very sharp images, have 4K video recording, an ultra fast AF system and a shutter cycle of 500.000. I get the camera a few month ago from Sony for testing it under real conditions.

    But in my opinion it makes no sense to put big canon lenses in front of the camera. It’s really a pain to handhold the camera with the EF 11-24, EF 24-70 2.8 II, 70-200 2.8 II or longer lens.

    The A7R II is a perfect camera if you travel around without a tripod. But you have to carry a many batteries with you to get all shots you want if you are not able to charge the batteries every day.

  • jacques

    “It’s funny to see over and over how these aborigines”
    Aborigines, eh? wtf and who are you?

  • jacques

    Apologies… my comment was even stupider.

  • David

    Now that’s it been a few months which camera is recommended

  • This column was written in June 2015. It is now 2016. The comparison of these two cameras don’t make sense to me. They are constructed for different photographic ventures. Since this column, the Canon 1dx has been superceeded by the future released 1dx ii. Since this June 2015 column, the Sony A7rii, 42 megapixels, mirrorless camera, was voted Camera of the Year for 2015. That must be upsetting to some.

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