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Sony A77 III to Feature Built-in IS and 4K Video

Sony A77 III

According to anonymous mailer we got information that the upcoming Sony A77 III camera will have built-in image stabilization and a option to record 4K video.

— end of rumor —

The Sony A77 II was delayed due to earthquake in Japan. But the good news is Kumamoto sensor factory restored to its 100% production capacity from August of this year and after that we have also witnessed two major product announcements that includes Sony A6500 and Sony RX100 IV.

This article was first published on thenewcamera Sunday, 11 December 2016 (GMT-5)

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3 comments to Sony A77 III to Feature Built-in IS and 4K Video

  • You can bet it has the IS from the Olympus EM-1, from whom they have licensed the tech.

    It will be better than CaNikons now, but trail the EM-1 Markl 2 by a margin.

  • Stella

    I am a owner of Sony A77 II and introduction of IS and 4K will sure bring more costumers to Sony SLT series. The most astonishing feature I like about this camera, is a feature called, “Focus Peaking” I use this camera for both photography and videography, and it works great for both purposes.

  • check

    Sony always look so tempting, to drop my Nikon gear and get Sony would be lovely. But I do not remain convinced that Sony will maintain their SLT series and are just stringing along the faithful. The E-mount seems to have all their love, but for wildlife and sports photography they just aren’t as good as Nikon or Canon yet and their lenses for telephoto work are practically non-existent

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