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Sony A6700 Camera Coming in 2018 - Rumors

According to latest rumors coming to us, the Sony A6700 camera is coming in Q1 / Q2 of 2018. The camera is rumored to features newly developed CMOS Hybrid Sensor and High Resolution mode. Take a look at the rumored specs below

Sony A6500 camera successor
New Sensor
Coming on Feb / March 2018
High Resolution Mode, like A7R III
Dual SD Card slot

We will update you soon as we get any new information related Sony A6500 Successor.

Look Back – Sony A6300 was announced on Feb month of 2016 but due to its over heating issues, Sony released Sony A6500 camera on October 2016, Just after the 8 months of A6300 announcement.

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8 comments to Sony A6700 Camera Coming in 2018 – Rumors

  • Stella

    I’d bet they’ll release one around September next year.

  • FL Guy

    Agree, September seems MUCH more likely than Q1.

    Whenever it comes, I hope Sony will give priority to what actually needs to be fixed in the A6500. Fixing the half-hearted attempt at a touchscreen, and memory write speeds from last decade come to mind off the top…

  • Odin

    Let me guess it’ll maintain the same moronically bad ergonomics and cost $1899. The a6700 will look like the a6500, a6300 and a6000. Pathetic lineup of glass too. How Sony have failed to improve the design in 3 years is beyond belief. Worst ergonomics of all cameras on the market.

  • Why would anyone use APS-C lenes to begin with? I use my G-Masters and pick the FL I want figuring in the crop factor.

    There is little reason for me to own one now that the A7RIII is fast and can shoot APS-C at 19MP so what I would like to see it a 30 to 36MP a6700 with all the latest sensor tech and AF capabilities of the A7rIII & A9. I would like to get another on for street as it is more stealth and the size is nice at times and so is having a flash for photos of people indoors.

  • rudy

    Seriously. They have a great line-up and are much better than my canon glass

  • Roger Heinz

    my biggest wish for the 6700 would be a built-in GPS module

  • steve

    Ok My expecation with the Sony A7000 camera is 4K video mode with 60fps.

  • Thor

    If there’s a new Alpha-series camera coming, it’ll be the successor to the A6000, as it’s almost 4 years old.

    It’d probably be a safe bet that it’ll be named something like an A7000 and feature rather toned-down specifications to make it cheaper as a A6000 replacement. Expect a newer sensor and processor with various software improvements (4K video, EIS, etc) but lack of IBIS, touchscreen, waterproofing, etc.

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