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Samsung Denied Rumors Again - They are Not Shutting Down or Selling Out Imaging Business


The false rumor was raised by some websites, that Nikon acquired NX line-up was not true according to Samsung itself, speaking to Korean times Samsung representatives said that Samsung will not withdrawal or it will sell down its business,

Market expectations have also been that selling the imaging sensors would be much more profitable for the company than selling cameras.

Samsung Electronics, however, claimed that it does not have an official plan to dispose of its digital imaging business division.

“It is true that we have not rolled out any new products since February,” said a Samsung Electronics spokesman, ‘but we do not have any official plans to withdraw from the camera business. We still have employees working in the division.”

In this part below they have denied the speculation of  withdraw from camera business

Samsung Electronics has denied market speculation that it will withdraw from the digital imaging business and sell its imaging sensor technologies to Japanese camera maker Nikon.

“I doubt that Nikon is interested in acquiring Samsung’s camera technologies because the Japanese company already has advanced optical technologies,” she said. “Should Nikon seek Samsung’s camera business, it could be for diversification of its product portfolio.”

source – Korea Times

2 comments to Samsung Denied Rumors Again – They are Not Shutting Down or Selling Out Imaging Business

  • etudiant

    “We do not have any official plans to withdraw..” is surely the weakest possible way to obfuscate the obvious.
    “We still have employees working…” is a plausible rationale for the lack of forthright disclosure.

  • Sakaphoto Graphics

    It’s certainly not worded in a way that there is a black-and-white outcome.

    It still seems that there is a good chance of a cooperative agreement, in order to not completely dispose of the NX technology but adapt it for a more prominent customer.

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