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Firmware Update

Ricoh GR III Features 24MP HYBRID APS-C Sensor and IBIS

Ricoh GR III development announcement,  so at least we are having a word from Ricoh that they will going to develop the next version of their most popular Ricoh GR II camera.

Now we where the first website to told you that there’s the successor of Ricoh GR II camera is under development approx year ago (Ricoh GR III is coming),  but from the speed of development its look like the Rico engineer are bit lazy to bring a new model in the market despite of successive competition out there.

However, we do accept the fact that Ricoh GR II camera is one of the most popular compact camera,  and Ricoh do have a big fan base those who are waiting for the Ricoh GR III.

you want going to Believe us but we have received more than hundred of emails from Ricoh GR to users that when the next version is coming.

Ricoh GR III is having a massive upgrade in the Core specification,  just take a look at the Core specification of the upcoming ricos gr3 camera

Ricoh GR III major specification

  • 24 megapixel phase detect autofocus sensor
  • built in body image stabilization
  • 28 mm f 2.8 lens
  • Selectable low pass filter simulation effect
  • Built in 2 stops of natural density filter ( as we have already seen in Ricoh GR 1 and GR 2 model)
  • Full HD videos at 60 frames per second
  • 3 inch rear touch LCD display panel
  • USB C charging support
  • Wi-Fi for faster file transfer

so you can see there are lot of upgrades coming with the Rico z3 camera, the price  and the exact date of arrival isn’t known as per the camera is coming for your next year.

we will update you as soon as we get any new information related to the Ricoh GR 3 camera.

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4 comments to Ricoh GR III Features 24MP HYBRID APS-C Sensor and IBIS

  • Rainer

    … but who on earth wants to buy a Ricoh?

  • steven

    Nice camera, but 28mm F2.8 lens ?

  • Sounds like a wonderful camera. Both earlier reviewers are obviously lacking experience. Shame they so willingly show their ignorance. I’ve owned a GR since 2013 and carry it everywhere . It’s done a great job and never disappointed me. This new one should now be a lot better and I look forward to working with it soon.

  • defdefred

    Ricoh GR are excellent but they need to be sealed because of the dust problem.
    Without Flash the new GR is less interesting.
    Who need stabilization with 28mm… come on…

    So the same, without stabilization/wifi/bluetooth/video/popup lens and with flash/wider aperture/better battery life/sealed lens.

    We want a camera to take nice photo and we already have a fancy smartphone for the rest.

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