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Reason Behind the Unknown Shipping date of ZEISS ZX1 Camera


tnc exclusive content: We are getting lot of queries related to the shipping time of Zeiss ZX1 camera. Users are asking – Why still the shipping date of the camera isn’t clear yet, and when the shipping of ZX1 will start ?

Zeiss ZX1 Camera Spotted at Bluetooth certification agency

We were surprised when today we have spotted the Zeiss ZX1 camera at wireless certification agency.

In general camera company first register its camera at Wireless certification agency and after 3 to 4 month they officially announce the product into the market. But, that’s not in the case of ZEISS ZX1 Camera.

Zeiss announced their ZX1 camera back on Sep, 28 2018. But, at that time Zeiss made only few protypes to showcase their products to different media outlets and professionals. I am not able to understand the way Zeiss team is working, since it’s a kinda un-professional way to announce a camera publicly without being prepared for its official announcement. It will only create unconditional delay between the announcement time and shipping time of the camera, and that’s Reason Behind the Unknown Shipping date of ZEISS ZX1 Camera.

As I always say, if the Zeiss ZX1 camera surfaced today at wireless certification agency then you can expect its availability from August of 2019.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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1 comment to Reason Behind the Unknown Shipping date of ZEISS ZX1 Camera

  • Flotsam Rand

    Zeiss is designing a camera exactly like it designs a lens. How long ago was the Otus 100mm announced? A while, right? When’s it coming out? Who knows… Whenever Zeiss can find some time in Cosina’s busy schedule.

    There was some horn tooting about this camera being in development for 5 years. Which is great, if you’re developing a film camera, but I can’t imagine how many things changed over the course of development. And if it took them five years to get this far, what’s an extra year? Or making its sales price a mystery as well? Apparently it’ll cost somewhere between $2K and $5K, with my guess closer to $5K. Say, $4,999.99.

    If this hadn’t been such a precious passion project, and Zeiss had cranked out a useful camera quickly, it could’ve been cheaper and more accessible. How cool would a camera designed specifically for their Milvus lenses be? Or another for their Loxia and Batis lenses?

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