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Why the Camera Name Changed from Nikon D400 to Nikon D500?


The biggest reason behind the name change is reveled by Nikon itself,  take a look a the notes below…

It was named Nikon D500 to indicate that it is a successor of Nikon D300S digital camera and part of the same generation of cameras as the Nikon D5.

Nikon always announces its FX and DX format flagship camera side by side with similar resolution, however Nikon missed a DX flagship update on 2012 and again on 2014, and finally they came with Nikon D500 on 2016 along with Nikon D5.

Nikon-DX-FX-cameras-syncNikon said they have started the development of Nikon D500 camera from 2014, why they’ve taken 3+ years to start the development of next DX flagship camera ? we don’t know real reason behind that…

Do share your thoughts with us….

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3 comments to Real Reason Behind the Name Change – From Nikon D400 to Nikon D500

  • Gil shamir

    4 is bad luck in Japan. They always skip this number

  • admin

    They didn’t skip D4

  • That numbering is logical, but how does D700, stepping back to D600, D800 and now stepping back, the D750 fit into all this.

    I interpret the numerical mish-mash as Nikon never intending to release new semi-pro DX cameras but to drive potential buyers of such cameras to enthusiast FX cameras (D600 and D750). They stopped with the D300S, omitted a D400 and didn’t even release pro-standard DX lenses.

    Market pressure was eventually realised – there was a demand for a true semi-pro DX camera and it was convenient to release it alongside the D5. However, the Dx00 series has been compromised by mixing FX and DX cameras. Nikon is stuck with a confusing numbering system that is not even in chronological order.

    The marketing department must be pulling out their corporate hair!

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