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Firmware Update

Nikon D5 and Nikon D500 Firmware Updates

Nikon D5 vs Nikon D500 image

Nikon D5 and Nikon D500 new firmware updates issued by Nikon. The Nikon D5 camera firmware upgrade comes with a tons of big ans small improvements, including new AF-area modes, updated Photo info display, take a look below for more details

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Nikon D500 Firmware Update Coming on March 2017

Nikon D500 firmware update

Nikon D500 next firmware is expected to arrive soon, the upcoming firmware will fix the snapbridge connectivity issue of the Nikon D500 camera. Recently, Nikon announced the snapbridge related firmware update for Nikon D5600 and Nikon D3400 cameras.
According to Nikon there are some connectivity issue between snapbridge app and iOS version 10 + and for that they will be soon announcing a new fix /update on March 2017.

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Nikon D500 Tested Camera at DXOMark Lab


DXO Mark finally published the score of Nikon D500 is the flagship DX format camera made by announced by Nikon few months ago. The Nikon D500 features excellent core specification that includes 20.9 DX Format sensor with a mind whopping ISO range of SO 1640000. The camera can also shoot 10 continuous frames per second and can also record 4K videos on the go.

We are really impressed by the test score of the Nikon D500 camera, however we have already published several Nikon D500 comparisons and High ISO test.

Nikon D500 Tested Camera at DXOMark Lab

Now let’s take a look at the DXO Mark Test score of the Nikon D500 camera.

Nikon D500 review

If we look at the scores given by DXOLab the Nikon D500 scored ISO1324 (low-light ISO score) and Nikon D7200 Low-light ISO score is ISO1333, that is really a very less difference between the two camera.


Unfortunately and as expected the Canon 7D Mark II is behind the Nikon D500 in sensor ranking given by DXOLab, Canon 7D Mark II is also showing less dynamic range compared to the Nikon D500 camera.

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NC Talk:

I am a camera lover and I have tried Canon 7D Mark II, Nikon D500 and Canon 80D. As far as Image quality goes I will rank Nikon D500 as the best camera, after that Canon 80D sensor performance is indescribable (due to the on chip AD converter the noise level is really low) and lastly Canon 7D Mark II.

Nikon D500 Battery Problem Fix - Replace Your Defective Batteries for Free

Nikon finally in the mood to solve the Nikon D500 battery related issues in today’s press release, Nikon issued a statement that they will replace the old batteries of Nikon d500 with a new one for free of cost.

According to the press release, Some limited number of Nikon D500 was using older version of EN-EL15 Li-ion01 battery now Nikon issued new batteries EN-EL15 Li-ion20 to fix the issue and the new batteries are available for free in exchange to the older one via Nikon authorized service centers.

Nikon D500 battery related issues according to Nikon.

Identify the Problem

Nkon D500 problematic battery image

First you have to first identifies the Eligible batteries for the replacement, just look at your battery from backside and see where is written Li-ion01 or Li-ion015 and if they battery belongs to 01 version then you must replace your battery as soon as possible.

Check Before you Buy

New set out DSLR from Nikon are being supplied with the new Lithium ion 20 batteries so if you see a printed battery name is Lithium and 20 then you don’t have to replace it

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Nikon D500 Firmware Update Announced

Nikon D500 firware uodate image

Nikon has just announced the firmware update of Nikon D500 camera, that latest update only fixes Nikon D500 language setup issue according to Nikon.

issue with the Setup —> Language


Letter from Nikon regarding Nikon D500 firmware update

Dear customer,

according to our records you are a registered owner of a digital camera D500. With this announcement to you today to inform you that there is a firmware update available for your camera.

We recommend that you update the firmware of your camera, so you have all the latest features of your product available.

To get more information and detailed instructions for downloading the firmware and update your camera visit the Nikon Download Center.

If you have questions, contact Customer Support. Please do not reply to this email, we can not respond to this e-mail address.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy using your camera.

Best regards

Service and Support
Nikon Europe

Download the update –

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Nikon D500 and Battery Problem

New Camera D500 image

According to some latest reports coming from Nikon D500 users the camera is showing issues with the third party battery as well as with Nikon original battery (drainge problem)

Multiple reports coming different forum but the major source is dpreviewforum in which many of Nikon D500 camera owners reporting that camera showing some batteries issue with the third party batteries, may be Nikon done some technical tweak or changes to avoid the use of such batteries, however we haven’t received any sort of official confirmation rebated to third parties battery of battery drainage issue (motioned below)

Users complaining about third party issue

“My Nikon D500 will not recognize 3rd party batteries (e.g. Hahnel) which my D810 accepts quite happily.”

“It seems the new D500 cannot use 3rd party batteries. Tested my new D500 with 3rd party/oem battery and the camera flashes the battery bar a few times then shuts off. Battery was full and verified working with other cameras. This behavior was tested on two different D500 cameras. Original batteries worked fine.”

Users complaining about battery drainage issue

With a fully charged Nikon EN-EL15 battery in my D500 after 5 shots it showed having a 64% charge level remaining. The problem may be in the reading of the charge level being inaccurate or there may be something internal to the camera that is draining the battery. With a similar problem with the D300 a firmware update fixed it.

I have had my D500 for two days, and have not shot a lot of images, yet, because I have been studying the menus and manual, and learning the differences and enhancements over my D300, but even so, I have been surprised at how quickly the battery meter showed less than 50% remaining.

I must assure you again that the problem is limited to few cameras and not all Nikon D500 is affected by the issue. Several photographers are also saying that everything s working fine after the purchase of the camera and they haven’t noticed any issue.

Will update you soon as we get any new information do follow Nikon D500 page for further updates || If you already own a Nikon D500 camera than you must see some of our Lens recommendation for the camera.

source dpreviewforum


Nikon D500 Showing Excellent RAW Dynamic Range

Nikon D500 imageIn a recent test done at dpreview the Nikon APS-C flagship camera showing excellent or class leading RAW dynamic range ,  the test is done by shooting images with lower exposure and finally pushing them back to correct brightness while using Adobe camera RAW.

Take a look at the comparison below and witch tab to change the camera.

From all above we can see the images of Nikon D500 are crisp, clear, well saturated and noise free. Nikon D500 is undoubtedly the best APS-C camera available in the market today if we look at the image quality of the camera and Just after that we have Canon 80D and finally we have Canon 7D Mark II at the third place. Click here to see Nikon D500 Recommended Lenses

Visit dpreview for full specification comparison