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Pentax K70 Successor Coming on January 2019 [Rumor]

Pentax K70 successor image

Pentax registered a new DSLR camera at wireless certification agency. The camera model code is R02010 and we may see the a brand new DSLR camera from Pentax very Soon. Take a look what Japanese sources said about the registered camera.

Ricoh’s R02010 is expected to expect the Pentax brand new SLR because Bluetooth is not described in the GR III developed and announced last month (although Bluetooth may be added in the product version).

Now, According to latest set of unconfirmed reports surfaced over the web, Pentax is rumored to announce Pentax next flaghip APS-C camera. Possibly, the successor of K70. Expected arrival time of Pentax K70 successor is on or before Jan 2018.

Information is coming from anonymous sources , keep it with grain of salt.

Update about Pentax K-70 Successor

Pentax K70 successor announcement is delayed, we will update you soon as we get any new information

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3 comments to Pentax K70 Successor Coming on January 2019 [Rumor]

  • Teodore

    Everybody goes mirrorless FF? Let’s make another APS-C DSLR!

  • it looks very compact. why get an expensive mirrorless with low dynamic range viewfinder when you can get this one, robust technology included?

  • Odin

    I hope for Pentax sake they move into the 21st century and fit a whole new PDAF system. They currently worst of any make for AF, K1 II update was pathetic in keeping that antiquated AF system.

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