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High ISO Test - Pentax K-70 vs Canon 80D vs Nikon D7200

We are comparing all the three best mid range DSLRs  available right now to find out the best of them, specification of a camera does matter but at the end image quality is important of all.

Out of all the three DSLR the Pentax K70 features inbuilt image stabilization system to reduce camera shake up to 4 stops. The other big advantage Pentax is giving us the high ISO range upto 204800, whereas the Canon 80D and Nikon D7200 remains limited to 25600 and 102400. But does the highest range is really useful let’s find out in the high ISO test below

Pentax K-70 Test image

From the High ISO test image we can see clearly that Pentax K70 is giving out better performance compared to the other two competitors in the road.

In the test samples you can see the word “A6” written in the image is hardly visible @ ISO range 25600 in most of the samples. But at the same time Pentax K70 is trying preserve more details compared to the other two.

From all the three images we can see that the Pentax is doing well in the High ISO Test. The image of the Canon 80D look bit under-exposed compared to the other two.

At ISO 25600 all the images are unusable, but at the same time we can see the Pentax k70 to preserve More details compared to the Canon 80d and Nikon D7200.

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1 comment to Pentax K-70 High ISO Test – K-70 vs. 80D vs D7200

  • check

    The pentax looks really impressive. Shame they suck at marketing because the only people who buy them are experienced photographers, but if they want to grow and start increasing their profits they need to advertise for new buyers, people who are new to the market. People new to photography pick up Nikon or canon, some sony. nothing else gets a look in.

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