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Panasonic GX7 vs Olympus E-M5

Panasonic-gx7-vs-E-M5-imagePanasonic GX7 vs Olympus E-M5, Take a look at the major specification difference between both the camera,


Sensor: Both camera features same resolution and sensor size, But the newly developed sensor if GX7 features bit better lower ISO range compared to the Olympus E-M5.

Image Stabilization: The Olympus E-M5 features 5 axis image stabilization and the newly announced Panasonic GX7 comes with MEGA O.I.S. The Image stabilization system of  Olympus E-M5 is better, it covers horizontal shift, vertical shift, rotary motion, as well as the yaw and pitch.

AF system: Both camera features contrast detect AF system.

Shutter Range: The Panasonic GX7 comes with more shutter range and electronic shutter for silent operation when needed

Top-Continuous Shooting Speed: The MAX Continuous shooting speed of the Panasonic GX7 is 20 fps, the Olympus E-M5 shooting speed is limited to 9fps only.


Display: The Panasonic GX7 features tilting display unit with higher resolution and touch control, better than the Olympus E-M5.

Viewfinder: The GX7 features built in tilting EVF with resolution higher than Olympus OMD E-M5.

WiFi: Panasonic GX7 features built-in WiFi connectivity , no WiFi available in E-M5.

Price Difference: Panasonic GX7 available at $999 | Panasonic Olympus E-M5 available at $899

Verdict: We recommend New users to buy Panasonic GX7, The Olympus OMD-EM5 features almost same ISO range and available at $100 less than Panasonic GX7, on the other hand Panasonic GX7 features More shutter range and Fast Top continuous shooting speed, Better display and a tilting viewfinder, you also get WiFi for wireless data transfer.

Buy Panasonic GX7 from Amazon and B&H

Olympus EM-5 from Amazon

2 comments to Panasonic GX7 vs Olympus E-M5

  • Tom Bell

    Some people prefer a tilt screen
    The OLED viewfinder is found by many to be superior to the rainbow – tearing effect found on the cheaper LCD in the GX7 viewfinder

  • Dmitri

    Who wirite this reviews? Can you get your stats right EM5 has ISO starting from 100, if you ever bothered to keep it’s firmware updated.

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